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Adolf-Reichwein-Straße 2a
Gebäude AVZ (Gebäudeteil AR-NA)
57068 Siegen

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Approximately 18,600 Students Register for the New Semester

Expected decline in the number of students at the University of Siegen in the winter semester 2019/2020. New study program started at the Faculty of Life Sciences (LWF).

In October 2019, the new winter semester begins at the University of Siegen. The number of students at the outset is 18,591 (as of 07.10.2019) and thus still at a high level. Compared to the previous year (19,376), the total number of students fell by 4.1 percent. 2,020 freshmen enrolled for the new winter semester, a decrease of 17.4 percent compared to the previous year (2,446 first-semester students).

The decline was expected after the admission of new students in some degree programs in the previous year had been higher than planned. "We have strictly limited the maximum capacity for 2019 and are approaching normal levels. In the long term, we expect 15,000 to 16,000 students, which is healthy for the University of Siegen," said Rector Prof. Dr. Holger Burckhart.

These are preliminary data as of 07.10.2019. Official data of all NRW universities are available as of 01.12.2019.

New Study Programs

Very high demand exists particularly for the Bachelor's programs in Psychology, Social Work, Business Administration and the teaching profession at primary schools. With a total of 297 first-year students, the Bachelor of Social Work is the number 1. The program is particularly popular with women, while most male first-year students have opted for the Bachelor of Business Administration (BWL). More than 2,200 applications were received for the Bachelor's program in Psychology, where 51 freshmen start their studies.

Teacher training courses are traditionally popular at the University of Siegen. The front-runner in the new winter semester is the Bachelor's program in teaching at primary schools with 198 first-year students. The total number of beginners in all teacher training courses is more than 1,000. "The career prospects in primary school teaching or social work are very good," explained Prof. Dr. Alexandra Nonnenmacher, Vice Rector for Education.

In the winter semester 2019/20, the bachelor's program "Digital Biomedical and Health Sciences" at the Faculty of Life Sciences (LWF) will start for the first time. The demand for study places was very good; a total of 86 freshmen are now starting their studies. The Siegen study program for health care professions of the future is unique in Germany to date and imparts broad knowledge in the fields of medicine, natural sciences, informatics as well as social and health sciences. "The student numbers in the LWF are a huge success, said Philipp Schmidt, director of the department student service.


The fundamental modernization of the Campus Adolf-Reichwein-Straße is on the home stretch. The refectory, university library and two office and seminar buildings have been and will be completely renovated, both inside and out - a campus area of 34,000 square meters. The AR-H and AR-K office and seminar buildings are expected to be completed by the end of November, the university library by the end of December and the canteen by the end of February 2020. Operation of the offices and seminar rooms is expected to start in December 2019. In the refectory, the cooking phase begins on 1 March, the interim refectory is rented until the end of March. The most time-consuming part is the relocation of the books from the interim sites to the library. In the summer semester 2020, however, the modernized library will also be available for use.

The university has gained a new location in the street "Obergraben". The building department has modernized the ground floor and basement of the former Sauer clothing store so that the building will be available in time for the new semester as a seminar center with student workstations. It offers space for almost 200 people, modern media technology and the possibility of combining three seminar rooms into one larger event room.

A smaller construction site will be added to the Adolf-Reichwein-Straße campus in 2020. It is planned to build a 20-meter-long passenger shelter for the main bus stop on Adolf-Reichwein-Straße. The project will be implemented by the city of Siegen, in close cooperation with the university. The construction project is scheduled for summer 2020.

Public Transportation

The UX lines, which are important for the university, will start innovations in the winter. After obtaining information from students and holding discussions with the General Student Committee of the University of Siegen (AStA), the timetable and the routing of the UX lines have been adapted in order to connect the individual university locations even better.

Lodging and Food

The Studierendenwerk Siegen has a total of 943 dormitory places, the “all-inclusive monthly rent" of which averages around 240 euros. Currently, all places are occupied, and an emergency quarter has been set up for the start of the semester. The Studierendenwerk operates a student housing exchange to improve the placement of flats.

The interim facilities for the canteen and cafeteria will be maintained in winter 2019/2020. The snack vans on Campus US will be continued; probably until the end of February 2020. The Studierendenwerk offers snacks, drinks, a stew and a noodle dish from Monday to Friday - all dishes can of course also be taken out. The snack carts are located behind the Unteres Schloss library at the end of Grabenstraße.

Local City Office

For students who are moving to Siegen for the first time, the Bürgerbüro (local city office) at the Student Service Center (SSC) on the Adolf Reichwein Campus is available for registration and change of address until 11 October.

Freshmen Welcome

Rector Prof. Burckhart, Jens Kamieth (Deputy Mayor of the City of Siegen), Philipp Schmidt (Head of the Student Service Department), Kathrin Wagner (Deputy Equal Opportunities Officer), Detlef Rujanski (Managing Director of the Siegen Student Union) and Alexander Steltenkamp (Chairman of the AStA of the University of Siegen) welcomed the new students to the Audimax. In addition to a wealth of information, everyone had the opportunity to get to know the university offers on the market of opportunities in person - and to receive a welcome gift at the start of their studies.