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Risk Governance Research Group at the University of Siegen


Faculty III - Economics, Business Informatics and Business Law at the University of Siegen is working intensively on the topic of Risk Governance and has launched a research project of the same name. In general terms, Risk Governance means the responsible management of risks, with societal sustainability requirements, such as combating climate change or effective banking supervision, playing an important role at the macro level and the management of business risks, especially financial risks, at the micro level.

Within the discipline of business administration, one focus of Risk Governance is on the banking sector, which per se is highly risky and which - as the recent financial market crisis has shown - can pose enormous risks to the economy and the real economy. However, it would be far too short-sighted to limit Risk Governance to the banking sector. Risk Governance also addresses related disciplines such as human resources and organizational management, law, psychology and, especially for monetary and economic policy issues, economics. In order to be able to look at Risk Governance from different perspectives, the research group should be interdisciplinary and reflect the complexity of Risk Governance.



Prof. Dr. Arnd Wiedemann (Speaker), University of Siegen Chair for Finance and Banking

Prof. Dr. Andreas Dutzi, University of Siegen Chair of Management, Accounting and Corporate Governance

Prof. Dr. Volker Stein, University of Siegen Chair of Human Resource Management and Organization

Prof. Dr. Rainer Baule, Distance Learning University of Hagen Chair of Business Administration, in particular Banking and Finance

Prof. Dr. Martin R. W. Hiebl, University of Siegen Chair of Management Accounting and Control


Associate Members


Prof. Dr. Günter Beck, University of Siegen Chair for European Macroeconomic Studies

Mark Fonseca, Mark Fonseca & Associates

Prof. Dr. Peter Krebs, University of Siegen Chair for Civil and Commercial Law

Dr. Tobias M. Scholz, University of Siegen Chair of Human Resource Management and Organization

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