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Scheinausgabe (WS-A 105)

Scheine werden seit dem Sommersemester 2020 nur digital ausgegeben.

Das SESAM ist geöffnet:
Mo.-Fr. 8-16 Uhr


Sprachenzentrum der
Universität Siegen

Weidenauer Straße 118
57076 Siegen

Tel.: +49 271/740-3002


Sprachenzentrum der
Universität Siegen

57068 Siegen

Language for specific purposes - German

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Languages for specific purposes differ from commom languages and build upon them. Various categories of the workfield and subjectareas use their specific language. These languages are indicated by the usage of technical terms and foreign words. These teminologies help to describe aspects in an explicit manner. Science, technology, medicine and economy are examples for areas, in which language for specific purposes are applied.

courses for specific purposes general German courses German consultation

Course coordination

Dr. Kristina Seibert

Hello, my name is Kristina Seibert and I come from Westerwald, which is a region in the north of the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. I studied "Literary Studies: Literature, Culture, Media" and did my PhD on the construction of regions in German-language regional crime novels. In addition, I completed a continuing education program in teaching German as a foreign language. My special interests are researching creative as well as collaborative writing and, in this context, didactics for writing support in foreign language teaching. Therefore, creative and/or collaborative writing tasks are an integral part of my German teaching.

DAAD-support program: NRWege ins Studium

Within the scope of the DAAD-support program „NRWege ins Studium – Integration in Nordrhein-Westfalen“ we offer various specific German language courses for students with foreign educational attainment. The goal of the program is to facilitate the langauge skills of German students to help them to graduate succesfully. The contents of the courses are set according to the students demands. The main focus lays on scientific and occupational language. The course „DaF nach DSH oder TestDaF: Festigung und Vertiefung von Allgemein- und Fachsprache“ offers to deepen and extent the knowledge of technical vocabulary and terms.
The course „Schreibkompetenz für DaF-Lernende: Texte für das Studium schreiben“ focuses on correct usage of the general scientific language. It also contains practice of techniques for acadamic work processes.
To aid students to prepare them for future working life the course „Deutsch im Berufsleben“ is also available. It teaches about different oral and written communicative situations which are typicly used in the workplace place.

Further information regarding the courses can be found here: Flyer.

DaF Intensiv Flyer

Teacher in the DAAD-support program: NRWege ins Studium 

Jessica Berger

Hello my name is Jessica Berger and I moved from Cologne to Siegen in 2004. I studied "Literature science: Literature, Culture, Media“ and later earned a certificate for teaching German as a foreign and secondary language. Apart from the administrative supervision of the German courses, I also teach various courses for specific langauge purposes. For me it is integral to continuously support students with the further understanding of the German language.

Courses offered

Winter term Summer term
Schreibkompetenz für DaF-Lernende: Allgemeine Wissenschaftssprache verstehen Schreibkompetenz für DaF-Lernende: Texte für das Studium schreiben
Technisches Deutsch, Teil 1: Fachwortschatz und naturwissenschaftliche Sprachstrukturen (ab Niveau B1) Technisches Deutsch, Teil 2: Eigene Forschungsprojekte: Präsentation, Diskussion und Lehre (ab Niveau B1)
Deutsch als Fremdsprache nach DSH oder TestDaF: Festigung und Vertiefung von Allgemein- und Fachsprache, Teil 1 Deutsch als Fremdsprache nach DSH oder TestDaF: Festigung und Vertiefung von Allgemein- und Fachsprache, Teil 2
Mündliche Wissenschaftssprache für DaF-Lernende Deutsch im Berufsleben
Wissenschaftssprache Deutsch