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European Quality Audit

The german Accreditation Council has put the experimental clause out to tender with the aim of decisively further developing program- and system accreditation in Germany as an instrument of quality assurance for teaching and studies to establish new forms of external peer review.  A total of four projects were approved by the Accreditation Council on 10 March 2016. The University of Siegen together with its partners entered the "European Quality Audit" (EQA).

In its meeting on December 8-9, 2020, the German Accreditation Council "determined the requirements for system accreditation to be fulfilled." "For the university's innovative and challenging European Quality Audit (EQA) project for quality assurance and development, it encouraged the university to continue its quality-developing cooperation with partners from Graz, Riga and Lucerne."

Aim: Mutual consultation within a European university network

The focus is on collegial advice and development, which should increase the individual responsibility and autonomy of the higher education institutions in the accreditation process. EQA serves to build up and develop structures, processes and instruments within a HEI that promote quality and ensure quality (QA system) in a self-responsible manner.

The consortium

The consortium currently consists of four European universities and acts as a consulting, development and assessment institution. The members give each other feedback in the sense of an iterating dialogue.

Members of the consortium:

Quality assurance is established on the principle of a holistic approach

During the project period, a quality assurance instrument will be developed which will focus on all service areas relevant for HEI in an audit format. While in Germany the main focus has so far been on monitoring teaching and study quality via programme and system accreditation, the EQA also covers the areas of research, knowledge and technology transfer, governance, administration and the cross-sectional areas of internationalisation and diversity.


EQA standards

The consortium partners have defined common EQA-standards (german version) for central performance areas, which are available in a first draft

Link to the data cloud of the consortium partners: Sciebo 


For questions concerning the project: