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Teaching Analysis Poll (TAP)

TAP is a qualitative form of the interim evaluation of a lecture and offers the possibility to make modifications during the semester already. The objective is to identify possible learn-promoting and learn-impeding aspects and to reveal potentials for improvement and potentials for change. The TAP-participation is voluntary for the students as well as for the teachers.


  • Support teachers concerning the self-reflexion of their lecture

  • Potentials for improvement and for change are revealed

  • The relationship between teachers and students is enhanced

  • Integrates students actively in the amelioration of the lectures whereby they experience themselves as forming actors/ participants

  • Indicates the students the interest in the awareness of the teaching quality

  • Creates an active interchange between students concerning preferences of teaching/ learning style

  • Students can express themselves impartial and anonymous


The teacher quits the lecture on the agreed date approximately 30 minutes before the end of the session and gives over to the presenter of the TAP: The moderator discusses in small groups of students the three following questions which are issued in form of notepads:

  • What does support the learning in this lecture?
  • What makes your learning difficult?
  • Which suggestions for improvement do you have for the obstructive points and beyond that?

The moderator gathers the worked out points and identifies and records the majority opinion of the students which will be reported to the teacher in a separate and prompt  feedback interview. In the next meeting of the lecture the teacher discusses the result with the students for realizing possible modifications and ensures transparency like this.

The agreed questions to the study groups can be completed after consultation with the moderator with specific questions.

You want to carry out a TAP?

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