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Is your family contemplating options for study abroad? Are your children interested in high quality degree programs in Germany? Are they already fluent in German? Or do they want to learn German in order to study here? No need to look any further, the University of Siegen offers all this and so much more.


The University of Siegen is a comparatively young university, founded in 1972, offering innovative and interdisciplinary degree programs on different levels and in different languages. Of course, there are German language Bachelor’s degree programs and Master’s degree programs. There are also preparatory courses to learn German as well as Master’s degree programs fully taught in English. Higher education in Germany is of a very high quality and yet there are no tuition fees. This is due to government funding of the higher education sector. Furthermore, the University of Siegen is dedicated to helping all its students succeed and embark on successful careers after graduation. The University’s motto “Shaping a humane future” is indicative of the holistic approach to the students' personal growth.


The University of Siegen is conveniently located between Frankfurt and Cologne, but actually, it is in the heart of Europe: Paris, Brussels or Amsterdam — just to name few European capitals – are only a short trip away.

Siegen is located in one of the most densely forested areas in all of Germany. People like to spend time outside hiking, cycling or just enjoying nature and the fresh air. The city is a larger one by German standards with a little more than 100,000 inhabitants and has a high standard of living. Both the University and the city are very safe and secure, crime rates are very low. Students can use public transport free of charge once they have registered as students at the University. Housing is affordable, too — students can choose to live in dormitories or rent shared apartments.

The University of Siegen has several campuses and is spread throughout the city. The main campus on Adolf-Reichwein-Strasse has just received a newly renovated library, and dining hall and cafeteria. The campus in the city center features cutting-edge auditoriums — a unique architectural solution built on top of the local department store. The University will continue to undergo extensive remodeling in the next few years, as the campuses will continue to grow, featuring brand-new buildings for education, research and services.


Although living expenses depend on lifestyle choices and personal preferences, Siegen is a very affordable city for students, where living expenses average around 850 EUR per month. The following table provides an overview:

Rent, utilities  Approx. 300 EUR 
Food Approx. 175 EUR
Clothing  Approx. 50 EUR 
Travel, public transport  Approx. 50 EUR 
Health insurance, medication  Approx. 110 EUR 
Learning materials Approx. 30 EUR 
Telephone, internet, TV  Approx. 45 EUR 
Leisure, sports Approx. 70 EUR

Please also take into account initial costs that occur after moving to Germany or that are mandatory each semester:

Semester fee (includes public transport)  Approx. 280 EUR 
Foreigners' residence permit Approx. 110 EUR 
Deposit (usually 2 months’ rent)  Approx. 400–600 EUR


A German university degree is an excellent start for a successful career at home and abroad. Even during studies, student jobs are available. Furthermore, the University prepares international students for their entrance into the labor market. Professional expertise, critical thinking skills, foreign languages and intercultural competences are assets that increase your children’s employability. The region Southern Westphalia is home to many hidden champions – small and medium enterprises (SMEs), mostly still family-owned, that are globally competitive.

So much more! 

The International Office is committed to supporting international students in all aspects of life. We offer orientation programs prior to the start of the semester, buddy programs and weekly get-togethers (a “Stammtisch” in German) as well as excursions and so much more. International students can fully immerse in local student life by joining student initiatives or clubs or by engaging in voluntary work.

Important dates

Please remember that the academic calendar may differ from your home country’s calendar. In Germany, the winter term starts on October 1st, whereas the summer term starts on April 1st. This website contains a list of important deadlines.

We look forward to welcoming you to Siegen soon!


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