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Unser Veranstaltungsprogramm für das Wintersemester 2018/19 finden Sie im Training Room.

Unser Newsletter informiert Sie über das Veranstaltungsprogramm und aktuelle Ausschreibungen. Registrieren Sie sich per E-Mail an anmeldung-hyt@uni-siegen.de

Dr. Daniel Müller (Leiter)
H-C 6308 office
+49 271 740-5079 phone
daniel.mueller@uni-siegen.de email


Marius Fehr
H-C 6306 office
+49 271 740-16855 phone
marius.fehr@uni-siegen.de email




HYT Young Academy

The HYT Academy is the scholarship to kick-start your career at Siegen University. The scholarships are intended for excellent Master- and PhD-Students who are at the beginning of their courses.

Twice a year (usually end of May and end of November) there is a call for applications

The Scholarship

The scholarship is usually granted for two years. PhD scholars receive 1500 EUR/month plus up to 1500 EUR/year for expenses. Master scholars receive 400 EUR/month plus up to 750 EUR/year for expenses. For larger projects (like organising a conference) it is possible to pool funds of multiple scholars.

The Academy

Scholars work in interdisciplinary groups and meet in a monthly research colloquium. The sessions can consist of a talk on a broader academic topic, coaching on technical aspects or seminars helping you further your academic career. The research colloquium is either held by a mentor of one of the scholars or by someone members of the academy invited. This ensures our scholars shape the semester programme and make it match their academic interests.