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Main research interests

  • Political Participation
  • Citizenship Studies
  • Political Consumerism
  • Social Movement Studies
  • Politicies of Migration and Integration
  • Political Communication and Media Studies

Major research projects

07/05-07/10 Changing Protest and Media Cultures. Anti-Corporate Campaigning in the Age of Digital Communication (Part of the Research Network SFB/FK 615 on “Media Upheavals” funded by the German Research Foundation)

Consumer  Netizens. New Forms of Citizenship at the Intersection of political Consumerism and Social Web (funded by the German Research Foundation)
Religion, Politics and Media – Indian and German Perspectives (Project of Binational Cooperation, funded by the German Research Foundation
10/12-03/21 Locating Media (Graduate School, financed by the German Research Foundation)
01/16-12/18 Going Public in Media-Cooperative Forms of Engagement (Part of the Research Network “Media of Cooperation” SFB 1187 funded by the German Research Foundation)
10/16-05/18 UFOPLAN. Potentials of Civic Engagement for Ecological Justice and Socio-Ecological Transformation of Society, Cooperation with ISIConsult, financed by the German Federal Environment Agency
03/17-03/20 "Consumer Protection and Consumer Socialization of Refugees", financed by the Ministry of Science NRW