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Prof. Dr. phil. Sigrid Baringhorst

Political Science, Political Systems, Comparative Political Science


Telephone +49 (0) 271-740 4510
E-Mail baringhorst@politikwissenschaft.uni-siegen.de
Room AR-C 3213
Adress University of Siegen
Faculty of Arts
Department of Social Sciences
Adolf-Reichwein-Straße 2
57068 Siegen
Sigrid Baringhorst

Consultation hours during semester break:

02/21/2018: 5 pm -6 pm

03/07/2018: 4 pm - 5 pm

Dear students, due to the extremely high number of MA Theses that I am supervising and grading this semester until April 2018 I cannot offer my further supervision of MA Theses apart from those that I have already explicitly agreed upon. Regards, Sigrid Baringhorst

Dear students,

as many of you ask for letters of recommendation concerning grant or job applications I have to ask you to inform me about such a request at least three weeks before the deadline for the application.

Please, send me all the relevant information that needs to be mentioned in the letter as well as your CV and Transcript of Records, topic and grades of written assignments in my courses as well as topic and grade of BA or MA Theses.


Sirgrid Baringhorst


Birgit Kölsch

Wissenschaftliche MitarbeiterInnen und Hilfskräfte

Mundo Yang

Katharina Witterhold

Jörg Radtke

Lisa Villioth

Maria Ullrich

Student assistant:

Nicole Landefeld