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My AlumniCard

The Alumni Card for members of our Alumni Network! Our alumni can receive their Alumni cards after registering themselves on our portal. They can then use these cards to access discounts and special offers from the areas of education, culture, leisure and sport from the university and from our partners. Alumni who are already registered in the portal can order their Alumni card by e-mail.



The Alumni card can currently be used for the following special offers:

Each of the special offers will be supplemented or adjusted at the beginning of each calendar year.
> Our Alumni Card holders will be informed about any changes.
The offers and benefits apply
> exclusively to cardholders, not to relatives, etc.
> only for individual tickets.

Further Education / Lifelong Learning

Guest Attendance at der University of Siegen:
Reduced fee for attending lectures as a guest. 80 € instead of 100 € per semester.
Valid from the 2022/23 Winter semester
Guest Attendee

Wednesday Academy of the University of Siegen:
Participation in events held by the Wednesday academy for a reduced fee. 10 % Reduction on the current Semester fee (100 €)
Valid from the 2022/23 Winter semester
Wednesday Academy

University of Siegen Business School
10% Reduction on the current participant fee (1.490 €) for the first attendance at a 2,5 day workshop on leadership
Business School

Sport and Leisure

Sport at the University of Siegen
Eligibility to participate with reduced fees in university sports courses.
Booking of courses in group 2. Participation fee as for employees of the University of Siegen.

The access conditions apply as for guests.
Sports at the University of Siegen

Pools of the city of Siegen
Reduced admission to the pools of the city of Siegen. The reduction is approximately 40% of the normal admission price and corresponds to the standard admission price for students.
Pools of the city of Siegen

Tours in Siegen
25 % Reduction of the respective prices (individual prices) for city tours. This applies to offerings from Stadtmarketing Siegen GmbH.


Bruchwerk Theater, Siegen
Admission at the current reduced ticket price (9 € instead of 20 €)
Bruchwerk Theater

Siegerland museum, Siegen
Reduced admission price. 1 euro off the current admission price
Siegerland museum

Cultural activities in the municipality of Neunkirchen
Reduced admission to the events held within the "kultur. AM ORT" framework at reduced prices.
kultur. AM ORT

Cultural activities Kulturring Bad Laasphe
10 % Reduction on admission prices for the respective cultural offers of the Kulturring Bad Laasphe e.V.
Kulturring Bad Laasphe

Cultural society of Hundem-Lenne
2 € discount per ticket for events held by the cultural society of Hundem-Lenne
Valid from the beginnning of the 2022/2023 season, September 2022
Cultural Society of Hundem-Lenne

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