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Research Alumni Programme

The Research Alumni Programme was designed to serve international guest researchers and researchers of the University of Siegen as a platform for research and networking. Collaboration, Exchange, Network: We are continuing to extend the network with our research alumni so that we can provide special offers for them and to actively integrate them and their contributions into the scientific and alumni network of the University of Siegen. The Research Alumni Programme is a cooperation between the Welcome Center, the International Office of the University Siegen and the Alumniverbund, the Alumni Network of the University Siegen.

New Services: Portal and Community

Get in touch: Keep in touch

The Research Alumni Programme establishes new connections between researchers and strengthens the current academic community. A mobile information portal as well as a specific myAlumni information community have been created.

Before international guest researchers can begin their visit, they need to find a lot of different information about research in Germany, funding, accommodation, and about the research location and facilities of their prospective research partners. For this reason an Information Portal especially designed for international guest researchers at the University of Siegen is provided. ra.SiP brings together all the necessary information about research visits to the University of Siegen, which would be easily accessible through computers, tablets, and smartphones.   For Research Alumni, international guest researchers, and researchers of the University of Siegen, there are specialised features for scientific exchanges available at myAlumni, the contact network of the University of Siegen. Members of the platform are able to contribute their own ideas to shape the alumni network and they can enrol themselves in various groups. To organise an exclusive Research Alumni Information Community the members in the Research Alumni Group can share scientific documents and contact each other.

News from the network


Understanding the context of contextuality

Dr. Zhen-Peng Xu has come to the University of Siegen to continue his postdoctoral research into quantum physics. He is no stranger to research abroad, having undertaken a research visit to the University of Seville in Spain during his PhD which he began at the Chern Institute of Mathematics in Tianjin, China. He is now based at the Theoretical Quantum Optics Group in Siegen, which has been headed by Prof. Otfried Gühne since his arrival at the University of Siegen in 2018.   read more

New portrait in the Research Alumni Gallery: Dr. Zhen-Peng Xu

Dr. Zhen-Peng Xu is presently working as a postdoctoral researcher at University of Siegen supported by the Alexander-von-Humboldt research fellowship. He originally works as a scientist at Chern Institute of Mathematics in China and his research is focused around quantum optics with an emphasis on quantum networks.  read more

Alumni Academy - Digitalisation 20+ and Sustainability. 2021 and 2022

The Alumni Academy returns to develop learning/teaching concepts on digitalisation and sustainability.

The most recent edition of the Alumni Academy has begun, featuring 18 international alumni and research alumni coming together to discuss, develop and implement projects on digital teaching.
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Going abroad – Coming to Siegen.

The Research Alumni Programme also invites you to participate in its event at the Virtual International Day of the University of Siegen.

The University of Siegen is hosting its first Virtual International Day on June 10 and the Research Alumni Programme invites you to participate in an exchange with the Research Alumni Network in a special event.
Insights into the Research Alumni Network: How you can Benefit from Collaboration, Exchange and Networking among International Researchers / 10.45 a.m. - 11.45 a.m. CET. read more

Research abroad – Widening your horizons

Insights into the exchange of perspectives among internationally engaged researchers at the online meetup, in march 2021. Sooner or later, most researchers will want to take advantage of the opportunity to try to research abroad. Doing so allows them the chance to exchange ideas and methods with other researchers who may have approached their common research topic from a different perspective. These kinds of research visits often take place in the context of an international research collaboration, both of which are considered to be important milestones in an academic career. However researching abroad also brings many challenges and complications.  read more

New portrait in the Research Alumni Gallery: Dr. Aritra Sarkar

Dr. Aritra Sarkar is presently working as a postdoctoral researcher at University of Siegen supported by the Alexander-von-Humboldt research fellowship. He originally works as a scientist at Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, India since 2010 and finished his Ph.D through JSPS RONPAKU fellowship from Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan. His research work is mainly in the area of high cycle fatigue (HCF) and damage interaction between low and high cycle fatigue (LCF-HCF interaction) on austenitic stainless steels and Ni-based superalloys commonly used in power plants.  read more

New portrait in the Research Alumni Gallery: Dr. Mohammad Marvi-Mashhadi

Dr. Mohammad Marvi-Mashhadi is a Research Associate at the Nonlinear Solid Mechanics group, Department of Continuum Mechanics and Structural Analysis, University Carlos III de Madrid, Spain. His field of research is Continuum Mechanics and Structural Analysis, Computational mechanics. He is currently involved in a project with objective of finite element modelling of acceleration-induced pressure gradients and cavitation in soft biomaterials.  read more

New portrait in the Research Alumni Gallery: Dr. Rusa Mandal

Dr. Rusa Mandal is an Alexander von Humboldt Post-Doctoral Fellow. Since receiving her fellowship she has been based at the Theoretical Particle Physics I research group at the University of Siegen. Her research specialty is in particle physics phenenomology. read more

Hadrons, Leptons, and Mesons – Understanding the Building Blocks of the Universe

The University of Siegen is by no means a particularly large university, but despite this it is able to punch above its weight in many exciting fields of research. One field which is particularly reliant upon international cooperation is particle physics phenomenology, which combines theoretical modelling and experimental practice to better understand interactions on a subatomic level. One of the world’s largest particle physics phenomenology research groups is based at the University of Siegen. This group is currently led by Prof. Thomas Mannel, and features many talented researchers from across the world, such as Dr. Rusa Mandalread more

Research abroad – Widening your horizons. Online Meet-up, 16th March 2021

Exchange of perspectives and experiences among internationally engaged researchers. In this meet-up interesting topics such as researching abroad, visiting international conferences, building international partnerships, and overcoming challenges will be covered. Everyone from PhD students to senior researchers is most welcome.  
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How has international research been affected by the current global pandemic? Insights from our research alumni network

Throughout 2020, the way in which we live and work has changed significantly due to COVID19. To see how international research partnerships were affected during this turbulent time, we reached out to members of our research alumni network and asked them about how their research has been affected. We received interesting insights from researchers based in many different countries, including China, Ghana, Mauritius, Brazil and the USA. The respondents also specialised in a wide range of different subjects, such as Engineering, Media Science, Physics, Social Work and Chemistry. read more

Our Programme, your participation

Keep in touch, share your experience, return for research, on-side activities,...

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Keep in touch, share your experience
We are focusing on direct exchange within the Research Alumni Network and providing first-hand information to this community. Due to this we are using different tools (newsletter, social media etc.) and communication channels on the local ("Stammtisch") and supraregional level.

"Return for Research Grants"
The goal of this measure is to involve former international researchers in the activities to strengthen our global academic network, to initiate further cooperation, and to support future academics at the University of Siegen. Applicants can be professors, private lecturers and academic consultants in their role as host/hostess of the Research Alumni from any department at the University of Siegen. Funding will be prioritised towards applications which ultimately propose sustainable research collaboration between the alumnus/alumna and the host/hostess from the University of Siegen. Thus, joint publications, external fundraising and other such objectives will be viewed favourably. The first application period has expired. The second application period is currently open to someone who is planning to visit from the 1st of April 2018 until the 31st of December 2018. You can download the call here : The Application Deadline is 12th of Feburay 2018.

Forscher-Alumni-Conference / On-site activities
Our mission is to support already existing or planned activities with Research Alumni contributions. Please feel free to request our assistance.

'Zukunftsblick'. The Forscher-Alumni-Academy / Encounters
We are able to offer appropriated training programmes for research alumni, scientists and young researchers by referring to services of the University of Siegen (for example Hochschuldidaktik). Through these programmes we can foster new forms of interaction and exchange.

Your contribution

as ambassador, as mentor,...

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Ambassador programme
With the experience from your research visits at our university, you are an ideal candidate to draw the attention of interested young scientists and research collegues to the variety of possibilities for research and cooperation with scientists at the University of Siegen.

Mentoring programme
With your extensive expertise, you are sincerely invited to provide support and act as mentors to young scientists at our university (PhD-students), in order to advise them on questions related to international careers in science and research.