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Offers & service

Our offers and services are designed not only for former students and teachers, but also for current ones as well. We bring together departmental groups and support them in their discipline-specific activities. We support exchanges across the university and the alumni network through our interdisciplinary programmes and events. To help you to stay up to date with developments at the University of Siegen and activities within the network, we also regularly send out our Alumni Newsletter, alongside a copy of the Querschnitt university newspaper. Get in touch with us to benefit from our broad range of offers and services!


In our studio:A panel discussions, alumni from different branches are brought together to share their personal experiences in starting their careers, as well as their responsibilities in their current positions. They are able to use their expertise to give students from all faculties an insight into future career prospects.

My international career

International alumni share their experiences with career entry and prospects at German companies.


At the Alumni Career day, alumni of the University of Siegen help current students with various questions related to starting their careers in the near future. We provide the opportunity to work together in various workshops on specialised topics including Job Applications, (international) Career Development, and designing tailored strategies for specific job positions. Our workshop tutors come from a wide range of educational backgrounds and mostly work as HR (human resource) managers. These responsibilities result in them possessing day-to-day experience in the hiring and job application process.They are often the ones who are conducting job interviews and making hiring decisions at their place of work. Understanding how these kinds of decisions are made is integral to future career development. For those considering an academic career, our Research-Alumni are able to share their experiences conducting research in various international academic institutions.

Strategies for a successful start to your career

Learn from the experiences of alumni and overcome the challenges of getting into your desired career.


The Research Alumni Programme facilitates exchanges and networking between international guest researchers and researchers currently based in Siegen. Cooperation, Exchange, Networking: We have created a network in order to update you on our services, activities, and events, and to encourage you to contribute to the Alumni- and Research Network of the University of Siegen.


Regardless of whether you graduated recently or many years ago, we can provide you with opportunities to get in touch with your fellow alumni and to reconnect with the University of Siegen through meetings on various occasions. Come back to your "old university" for a class reunion to celebrate the anniversary of your graduation, or to meet your former classmates at one of our emeriti meetings. Take advantage of this chance to reconnect with old friends and to learn about current developments at the University of Siegen!

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