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Corona self-tests at the University of Siegen

On this page you will find information about the opportunities for self-testing at the University of Siegen.


The University of Siegen offers employees Corona self-tests on an ad hoc basis, e.g. upon return from vacation, contact with a person suffering from Covid or after attending an event. Employees can thus test themselves before resuming service to the University. In this context, please note that this offer serves the purpose of infection control at the university and is not intended for private use. The number of tests in stock takes this into account, as demand is expected to be limited accordingly.

Currently, single tests ("EXACT SIGN") are issued. It is possible that your institution still has 20-test packages ("CLINITEST") in stock. Please refer to the appropriate instructions.

Employees will continue to receive these tests exclusively through the heads of their respective institutions, for example, the dean's offices of the faculties.

The heads of all university institutions / demand notifiers request the demand for your area as usual from the Department of Occupational Health and Safety (Dezernat 1, Abteilung 1.1). The mail address for this is: selbsttest@zv.uni-siegen.de

The Occupational Health and Safety Department will issue the tests. Pick-up or delivery will be cleared individually between the units and the Occupational Health and Safety Department. Therefore, the Occupational Health and Safety Department will not issue the tests to individuals. Therefore, please understand that individual emails to the functional address will not be handled.

For all employees (also SHK & WHK) this means that they will be informed by the management of your institution about the organization of the issue of these occasion-related tests. If you do not receive such information, please contact the management of your facility.

Important notes about the Covid-19 self-tests

  • Follow test instructions carefully
  • Disposal as residual waste
  • Even with a negative test result, there is still an obligation to comply with the spacing, masking and hygiene rules

If test is positive

If your Corona test is positive, you can find information on how to proceed here.

Notes and instructions for the two self-tests offered

Please download the instructions for use so that you have them at hand during the self-test.

Notes + instructions for the CLINITEST self-test [Internal link]

Notes + instructions for the EXACT SIGN self-test [Internal link]