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The goal of DREAMS is to establish a mixed-criticality architecture based on networked multi-core chips.  DREAMS will provide a hierarchical platform including both on-chip resources (e.g., processing cores, memory, NoCs) and off-chip resources. 

A fine-grained mixed-criticality integration will be supported using multiple partitions within each processor core where each partition can have a separate criticality level, including the highest criticality levels for certification.

The detailed objectives are as follows:

  • Architectural style and modelling methods  
  • Virtualization technologies for security, safety, real-time performance, integrity in networked multi-core chips
  • Adaptation strategies for mixed-criticality systems  
  • Development methodology and tools based on model-driven engineering
  • Certification and mixed-criticality product lines
  • Feasibility of DREAMS architecture in real-world scenarios
  • Promoting widespread adoption and community building