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DREAMS is Avionics use case

The avionics application is a networked solution combining an avionics display with the Flight Management System (FMS) as shown in the picture. Both are part of an Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) located in the cockpit. The avionics display system manages several images simultaneously and can either share a single unit or several units depending on the configuration of the EFIS. A Primary Flight Display (PFD) implements a digital Horizontal Situation Indicator and a Navigation Display (ND) animates an airport approach on the 3 dimensions and other information.
The information displayed by the avionics display is actually computed by the FMS, which regularly retrieves the information from different sensors, computes the plane location and expected trajectory and sends the computed data to the avionics display. The whole system has different criticality level tasks and messages that have to be carefully managed.
The networked solution might be extended to share resources with other non-critical applications as the In-Flight Entertaining System (IFES) that broadcast movies over the network.