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MCS Summer School 2017

In many domains such as avionics, industrial control, or healthcare, there is an increasing trend for mixed-criticality systems (MCS), where multiple functions with different importance and certification assurance levels are integrated using a shared computing platform. The foundations for this integration are mechanisms for temporal and spatial partitioning, with key technological challenges including the combination of software virtualization, hardware segregation and the extension of partitioning mechanisms to jointly address significant extra functional requirements (e.g., time, energy and power budgets, reliability, safety, security, etc.).

MCS Summer School 2017 will cover topics related to MCS applications, system architecture, real-time services, operation systems, virtualization, model-driven engineering, embedded system security & dependability, system certification and functional safety.

Aim and Scope:

This summer school will bring together internationally renowned experts from avionics, automotive and railway domains to preset, discuss and explore recent advances in MCS architecture, hardware virtualization, model-driven engineering and safety critical systems. The four-day programme is organized around keynote talks by experts from industry and hands-on sessions lead by domain experts to get first-hand knowledge of the process of bringing an MCS concept to reality.

Participants will learn to build state-of-the-art MCS using Xilinx ZynQ ZC-706 platform, extended for MCS services as part of the DREAMS project. Beyond the courses and the talks by the invited speakers, the attendance will provide ample opportunities for discussions, and the exchange of ideas. Participants are encouraged to raise questions and bring in their own ideas.


Core Topics:

  • Mixed-Criticality Application: Avionics by Claire Pagetti (ONERA, France) and Daniel Gracia Pérez (Thales, France)
  • Mixed-Criticality Application: Railway by Michael Paulitsch (Thales, Germany)
  • Mixed-Criticality Application: Automotive by Rolf Ernst (Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany)
  • Model-Driven Engineering by Simon Barner (FORTISS, Germany)
  • Tool Development by Jörn Migge (RTaW, Italy)
  • Functional Safety by Joerg Kraemer (TÜV, Germany)
  • MCS Certification by Jon Perez (IKERLAN, Spain)
  • Virtualization Technology by Alfons Crespo (Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain)
  • Resource Management and Time-Triggered Scheduling by Gerhard Fohler (Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, Germany)
  • Security and Dependability by Thomas Koller (Universität Siegen, Germany)
  • Hardware Architecture of MCS by Hamidreza Ahmadian, (Universität Siegen, Germany)
  • Tool Development by Jörn Migge (RTaW, Italy)


Each day will start with presentations by the domain experts to ignite discussions on leading questions. In the afternoon, participants will work on the Xilinx ZynQ ZC-706 platform during the hands-on sessions to gain practical experience with implementations of focused experiments with connection to the topics discussed in the morning sessions. This work will be aided by accompanying in-depth tutorials. All the lectures and hands-on sessions will be conducted in English.

Date and Venue:

The summer school will take place from 25th to 28th Sept, 2017 at the Universitat Politècnica de València, Valencia, Spain.

Program Committee:

  • Prof. Alfons Crespo, UPV
  • Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Gerhard Fohler, TUKL
  • Prof. Roman Obermaisser, USIEGEN


In case of any question/enquiry, please contact any one of the following personals: