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GEMMI 2017

Abstract Submission

All participants (no matter if you are an invited speaker or if you want to submit a contributed talk) have to submit their abstract until 31 May 2017. Please note that we reserve the right to review abstracts. Only abstracts which fit into the scope of the conference and meet scientific standards will be accepted.

Note that you need to submit your registration until 15 July 2017 and transfer the conference fee until 21 July 2017. Otherwise, your abstract will be rejected. 

For the submission of your abstract, you must use the following Latex-template. Download the file yourlastname.tex and fill in your information (substitute the placeholders). Replace the file name with your last name and send it to gemmi2017@uni-siegen.de.

Please ensure that you provide valid LaTeX-Code. If you want to see what your abstract might look like in the programme booklet, download the file gemmi_main.tex and edit the input statement in line 25 according to your last name.

We will contact every author of an abstract by 9 June 2017 whether the abstract will be accepted.