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GEMMI 2017

How to Get to the Conference

By Car


  • The address of the conference hotel is: Am Technik-Museum 1,  Speyer,  Germany.

    Speyer is located at the intersection of the Autobahn A61 and the Bundesstraße B9. From wherever you come, head for the A61. If you are on the A61 (no matter from which direction), leave it at the exit 63 towards Speyer/Germersheim. This exit directly leads you to the B9, southbound. In general, it is now useful to follow the signs "Museen".

  • In detail:

    After about 5 km, change from the B9 to the B39 towards Heidelberg, Speyer-Zentrum/-Süd, Dom, Museen, ...

    After about 2 km, leave the B39 towards Speyer-Zentrum/-Süd, Diakonissen, Dom, Museen. Make sure you stay at the straightforward lane (i.e. the middle lane) at the next crossing (with traffic lights). Keep straight.

    After 400m turn right. You are there.

    One more information, if you arrive by car: it is free to park at the hotel. To enter the parking space of the museum, you will have to draw a ticket, but you will not have to pay when you leave. As a conference participant, you will get a ticket for a free exit of the parking space. We will distribute these tickets during the conference.


By Plane

The largest airport in the neighbourhood is in Frankfurt am Main. You can get there from almost every major international airport in the world. Frankfurt airport has an own railway station. For further details, see below "By train". Use "FRA Frankfurt airport" as your starting point, if you plan your train trip on the website of the German railway. It takes a bit more than 1 hour to get from the airport to Speyer Hbf (Hbf=central station) by train, and you have to change once (usually in Mannheim, but there are also other connections e.g. via Mainz).

A smaller airport in the neighbourhood with essentially less destinations is in Strasbourg/France. From Strasbourg airport, you can take a shuttle train to the railway station, from where you can get to Speyer Hbf. It takes between 2 to 3 hours and you have to change once or twice. For further details, see below "By train".


By Train

You can plan your journey via the website of the German railway (Deutsche Bahn) . There is also a useful smartphone app from "Deutsche Bahn" called "DB Navigator". The easiest way is to take a train to Speyer Hbf (Hbf=central station) and to take a taxi from there (prepare a note with the name and the address of the hotel and give it to the driver, if you do not speak German). If you want to avoid the taxi costs, you can take a bus of the lines 564 or 565 towards "Speyer, Flugzeugwerke" and leave at the stop "Technik-Museum" (it is the 11th stop after the central station, and the stop before you have to leave is "Naturfreundehaus").

Just in case you want some more details:
If you are not familiar with the German railway, please note the following: There are fast trains (ICE, IC, and EC) and slow trains (e.g. RB, RE, or S). If your itinerary says that you should take an ICE, IC, or EC to a particular destination, please do so. There might be other trains with the same destination and an earlier departure. However, if it is a slow train calling literally everywhere, then you might arrive an hour later at your destination.

The most important railway junction in the neighbourhood is in Mannheim. The majority of you will have to change there. The railway station is a large (but modern) railway station. Make sure that you have enough time to change your train. The German railway will give you an itinerary, where the platforms (tracks) are already named. If you keep this in mind, you can save time. Nevertheless, check the display on the platform (track), before you enter the train, just in case something has changed.

Coming from Mannheim, you have frequent connections with slow trains to Speyer Hbf. This is a smaller railway station.

The German railway offers the purchase of an online ticket. You can book it at home. Then you get a pdf-file, which you will have to print (alternatively, there are tickets for smartphones). When you buy the ticket, you will have to declare how you can identify yourself in the train, when you show the printed ticket. This is possible e.g. with a credit card. Make sure you take this identification with you.


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