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  Geomathematics 2013

Abstract Submission

The registration for the meeting is closed. Those participants who are not keynote speakers had to submit a tentative abstract before they could register. This is finished now. Please note that all participants (no matter if you are a keynote speaker or if you have already sent us your tentative abstract) have to submit their final abstract until 15 February 2013. Please note that we reserve the right to review abstracts. Only abstracts which fit into the scope of the conference and meet scientific standards will be accepted.

We will contact every author of an abstract by 15 March 2013 whether the abstract will be accepted.

For the submission of your abstract, you must use the following Latex-template. Copy the lines and fill in your information (substitute the placeholders). Then please save the file under 'yourlastname.tex' and send it to geomathematics2013 (AT) uni-siegen.de.

\renewcommand{\nname}{ John Smith } % Your name
\renewcommand{\naffiliation}{ University of Siegen } % Your affiliation (as you like it to appear, e.g. Group, University)
\renewcommand{\ntitle}{ Geomathematics 2013 }   % Title of your abstract
\renewcommand{\nabstract}{ Workshop Honoring  Willi Freeden's 65th Birthday } % Body of your abstract