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  Geomathematics 2013

Venue and Surroundings

The conference will take place at the hotel "Haus am Weinberg" in Sankt Martin in the Palatinate, Germany. The hotel is located on the top of a vineyard and offers a spectacular view of the Upper Rhine Valley. The neighbourhood offers a series of possibilities for beautiful hiking tours and bicycle tours. Moreover, Sankt Martin is located near the German Wine Street (Deutsche Weinstraße) and is near the northern end of the Southern Wine Street (Südliche Weinstraße) - the letters "SUW" that you will notice on local cars refer to this area. Besides the options to visit one of the wine-growing estates, where you can test and buy wine, there are numerous small romantic villages located along the Wine Street. Larger attractive towns along the Wine Street are Neustadt an der Weinstraße and Bad Dürkheim.

If you are planning to stay a bit longer (e.g. at the preceding weekend), there are several other options for small trips to interesting places in the surroundings. All of them can be reached by train (see the website of the German railway).

  • Heidelberg is known around the world and can be reached within approximately one hour by train (choose "Heidelberg Altstadt" as your destination). In April, it is not yet so crowded with tourists. Its places of interest are well-known (castle, historic centre, river Neckar, ...).
  • Speyer is less known but also worth a trip, in particular, because it hosts the largest preserved Romanesque church of the world, which is called the Imperial Cathedral of Speyer, since emperors built it and were buried there. You can reach the railway station of Speyer within less than an hour. From there, take a local bus to "Dom" (i.e. cathedral) or "Postplatz". In the latter case, you can walk along the shopping street towards the cathedral. From the cathedral, you can e.g. also walk to the river Rhine.
  • The Holiday Park is a theme park in Haßloch. The courageous ones might want to know that the park has an award winning roller coaster. You can reach the railway station of Haßloch within 20 to 35 minutes and there is a shuttle bus from the station to the park, which operates several times a day, see the park website for further details.
  • The Alsace in France is a region south of the Palatinate which is also very attractive for tourists. As one possible trip, you can go to Wissembourg south of the German-French border (which takes 45 minutes by train, no changing necessary). Wissembourg has a beautiful historic centre and many restaurants with Alsatian cuisine. Much larger is Strasbourg, which is famous for its cathedral, its cultural live, the Alsatian cuisine, and the institutions of the European Union. You can reach it by train within 2 to 3 hours.

The Geomathematics Group does not take responsibility for the sites that are linked (except certainly those, which are part of www.geomathematics-siegen.de).