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  Geomathematics 2013

A Workshop Celebrating Willi Freeden's 65th Birthday

from 15 to 17 April 2013

The workshop will be located in the Hotel "Haus am Weinberg" on the top of a vineyard with a spectacular view of the Upper Rhine Valley.


Geomathematics is an emerging new scientific area. Its increasing importance is due to visionary scientists such as Willi Freeden. This workshop is dedicated to the interdisciplinary research of mathematicians and geoscientists. It provides a platform for scientists working in the intersection of these areas to present and discuss novel solutions and open problems. Besides the invited lectures, contributed talks, in particular also by junior scientists, from all areas of the interface of mathematics and the geosciences are welcome. Further details can be found on this website, see the links on the left-hand side.

Examples of relevant topics for the conference are:

  • constructive approximation on the sphere and the ball
  • gravity and magnetic field modelling
  • inverse problems
  • mathematical seismology
  • numerical methods for partial differential equations
  • satellite data analysis
  • statistical and stochastic methods

However, contributions to further geomathematical topics are also welcome.

Note that the poster and the flyer of the conference are available for download. Moreover, you can find below the conference photo (larger versions of photo 1 and photo 2 are also available for download).