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Informations about the menu-system Xtremes 3.0 are displayed on page xii and page xiii in the Statistical Analysis book (available online) showing an Overview and the Hierarchy.

Major enhancements of Xtremes 3.0

The menu system
  • Plotting facilites and estimators for multivariate
    • extreme value
    • and POT models,
    • in conjunction with facilities to compare parametric and empirical curves such as contour plots
  • New time series tools
  • Bayes and L-Moment estimators for univariate POT models
  • Statistics for sum-stable distributions (using STABLE by DLL)
  • Statistics in further parametric models (e.g. Student)
  • Estimators for ARMA series
  • Moving estimators in conjunction with VaR considerations
  • Animation facilities for generating discrete and continuous data
  • Improved support for printing
  • Direct generation of EPS files
The (integrated) StatPascal language
  • Support of vector and matrix operations
  • Program libraries available by means of units
  • More predefined statistical procedures
  • Routines to build simple graphical user interfaces
Academic Edition

Included in the Statistical Analysis book. The academic edition only allows a certain limited number of rows in a data set. It consists of Windows (95, 98, 2000, NT, XP, Vista) applications Facilities to download the academic edition may be found in the download area.

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