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Unser Veranstaltungsprogramm für das Sommersemester 2020 finden Sie im Training Room.
entfällt bis auf Weiteres.

Dr. Daniel Müller (Leiter)
H-C 6331/2 office
+49 271 740-5079 phone
daniel.mueller@uni-siegen.de email


Dr. Friederike Brodhun
H-C 6306 office
+49 271 740-2555 phone
friederike.brodhun@uni-siegen.de email


Titia Hensel M.A.
H-C 6306 office
+49 271 740-2733 phone
titia.hensel@uni-siegen.de email


Linda Hilkenbach
H-C 6308 office
+49 271 740-5505 phone
linda.hilkenbach@uni-siegen.de email


Dr. Marcus Niechciol
H-C 6308 office
+49 271 740-2502 phone
marcus.niechciol@uni-siegen.de email


Marius Fehr (SHK)
H-C 6307 office
+49 271 740-3508 phone
marius.fehr@uni-siegen.de email

Unser Newsletter informiert Sie über das Veranstaltungsprogramm und aktuelle Ausschreibungen. Registrieren Sie sich per E-Mail an anmeldung-hyt@uni-siegen.de.

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Notice: Wolfgang Popp award for gender studies

(17.07.2020) The Center for Gender Studies Siegen (Gestu_S) once again announces the Wolfgang Popp award for gender studies.

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Apply now for scholarships for master's and PhD students!

(30.06.2020) The University of Siegen announces, through the House of Young Talents, scholarships to promote excellent master's students and doctoral researchers.

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"A fantastic opportunity for the whole university"

(30.06.2020) The University of Siegen has won funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program for a large-scale project aimed at strengthening the mobility and career development of scientists. It gives experienced researchers from around the globe the opportunity to work as visiting fellows in Siegen.

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OEduverse Research Ethics Course: July 6-8, 2020

(25.06.2020) Ethical dilemmas may arise in all stages of the research process, ranging from stating your research objective, through data collection and analysis, to reporting and publishing your findings.

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Welcome to the new scholarship recipients of the HYT Young Academy!

(30.04.2020) The House of Young Talents warmly welcomes - this time from afar - its new scholarship recipients, who took up their scholarships on 1 April.

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The HYT in Querschnitt 01/2020

(30.04.2020) The House of Young Talents is featured in issue 01/2020 of the university newspaper Querschnitt.

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The HYT in Querschnitt 04/2019

(30.04.2020) The House of Young Talents is featured in issue 04/2019 of the university newspaper Querschnitt.

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The HYT in Querschnitt 03/2019

(30.04.2020) The House of Young Talents is featured in issue 03/2019 of the university newspaper Querschnitt.

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Notice: Call for Proposals - Collaborative Doctoral Partnerships (Joint Research Centre JRC)

(09.04.2020) The European Union has issued a call for proposals for the programme "Collaborative Doctoral Partnerships" of the Joint Research Centre (JRC), the science and knowledge service of the European Commission, in 13 thematic fields.

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HYT semester programme published

(05.04.2020) The programme of the House of Young Talents for the summer semester 2020 has been published.

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