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Registration of Residence and Residence Title

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Registration of Residence

Within two weeks after your arrival you have to register your residence in Siegen at the respective residence registration office, often referred to as Local City Office (Bürgerbüro). Usually the office is located at or close to the city hall (Rathaus).

If you live in Siegen or a district of Siegen, you can register in the office in Siegen city center or in Weidenau. Please make an appointment for this (As the registration page is only in German, find information for getting an appointment here). 

Information by the City of Siegen

You find further information on residence registration in the broschure information for students by the City of Siegen. 

If you live in another town outside Siegen, please refer to the city hall or local city office of your place of residence.

Documents for Residence Registration


Application for and Extension of Residence Title

International degree students usually enter Germany with a visa that expires after 3 or 6 months. Before the expiration of your visa, you need to apply for a residence permit.

International exchange and short-term students who come from a country without visa restrictions or hold a visa that does not cover their entire duration of study in Siegen, need to apply for a residence title within 90 days after their arrival. Please note the required documents given below (including the proof of finances!).

Make an apointment at the Foreigners' Registration Office responsible for your place of residence shortly after your arrival:

Contacts by Residence 

Residence in Siegen (Siegen, Weidenau, Geisweid,Eiserfeld)

Ausländerbehörde der Stadt Siegen
Rathaus Siegen
Markt 2, 57072 Siegen

phone: 0271/ 404-0
e-mail: abh@siegen.de

Residence outside Siegen District (Kreuztal, Netphen, etc.)

Ausländerbehörde Kreis Siegen-Wittgenstein
Koblenzer Straße 73, 57072 Siegen

phone: 0271/ 333-1262
e-mail: y.kraemer@siegen-wittgenstein.de

Required Documents for a Residence Permit 

» Application Form (Form for Students with residence in Siegen, Weidenau, Geisweid, Eiserfeld)
» Passport with visa
» Proof of Health Insurance
» Biometric photo
» Proof of finance (often a blocked account)
» Enrollment certificate
» 110 EUR

Please also note the instructions of the Foreigners' Registration Office.


Further Regulations for International Degree-Seeking Students

International Students who hold a visa / residence title for their degree studies in Siegen have to prove the success of your studies regularely. If you have any queries or problems, please do not hesitate to contact ISA.

Credits Required per Semester

The Foreigners' Registration Office expect you to get at least 20 credit points per semester. Please take this seriously as otherwise, your residence permit could be in danger.

If there are important reasons why you cannot acquire 20 credit points during a semester (e.g. because of sickness), please contact the Foreigners' Registration Office in time.

Change in Major

If you want to change your major, you are only allowed to do this during the first 3 semesters! In any case, you should contact the Foreigners' Registration Office before the change.


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