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Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy

Welcome to the Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy team at the University of Siegen!

The field of clinical psychology addresses the development, maintenance and treatment of mental disorders. A distinctive feature of clinical psychology lies in the fact that it is closely interlinked with various other fields of research, such as medicine and the social sciences, for instance, as well as neuroscience, genetics, and psychopharmacology.

At present, the Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy team in Siegen consists of six post-doctoral researchers (in addition to head of the lab, Prof. Dr. T. Klucken) and two doctoral students.
Our research focuses mainly on affective learning and memory (e.g., Pavlovian conditioning, extinction) and on cognitive and emotional processes (e.g., cognitive biases), which are investigated by means of approach-avoidance tasks, dot-probe paradigms and other experimental approaches, using psychophysiological and behavioral measures.
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Here you will find an outline of the areas of research of the Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy lab.

Media Coverage


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A list of staff members can be found here.

Volunteering Opportunities for Research Studies

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