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International Day 2022

 If you have ever dreamed of living an international lifestyle, you are not going to want to forget this date, May 11, 2022. It is International Day at the University of Siegen.

 The University of Siegen and Faculty I is proud to announce this year’s International Day, which will take place on May 11, 2022. Unlike the previous year, 2022’s event will take place in person and will have its own exhibition booth! We are aiming to provide numerous fun and interesting international offers. Internationalization of education and promotion of both classroom and lived learning have always been pivotal objectives of the University of Siegen and Faculty I.

One of the main information points that you can uncover during this year’s international day surrounds the university’s outgoing cooperation via the Erasmus program. We are very proud to announce that we have been working very hard to find and build new partnerships for you to take advantage of and make memories with. Want to change your scenery, but stay close to home? We can help you with that! Want to explore a whole new continent and learn about a whole new part of the world? You are in good hands with the international day staff! Ask about study opportunities (both BA and MA), thesis writing opportunities, and internship opportunities all through the Erasmus program. Visiting and learning abroad could not be easier! Come ask us about it!

However, students do not have to go abroad to have an international experience. Faculty I offers some very exciting and intriguing internationally-oriented courses! There is the MA Roads to Democracies program which combines numerous academic disciplines like sociology, political science and history and specifically focuses on the topic of democracy. Conducted completely in English, you will feel completely immersed in an international learning environment. However, maybe you do not want to study at the Master’s level, or you feel more comfortable learning in German. Do not fret, Faculty I have created something just for you. The BA program Sozialwissenschaften in Europa can help you to comprehend the world around you. Focused primarily on the European level, this BA program gives the student the ability to describe, analyze, and compare political and social processes at the European level.
Though, at this point, I can guess what you are thinking. University experiences are about more than studying, they are about living life, meeting new people and making meaningful connections too. International Day knows this and encapsulates it. By signing up for the MAX mentorship program you have the opportunity to meet incoming international students and make a difference in their lives as you show them the ropes of what Siegen and Germany have to offer.

You can also look to the future on International Day! Ask questions about International Career Day. Feel free to come by the exhibition booth and ask questions about skills required for an international career, intercultural training, potential internships abroad and anything else that comes to mind. We are happy to hear what you have to say!

Finally, don’t forget that you can also get your international competencies attested. This includes internships abroad, language courses, MAX mentoring and other international activities. By doing so you are likely eligible for a BIK certificate which demonstrates your commitment to internationalism!    
Don’t miss out on an exciting opportunity that holds information that could change your life! Mark it down on your calenders, May 11, 2022, is International Day!


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