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Single projects as well as networked projects examine the types and consequences of social processes of chance; such as demographic changes, changes to media, transformation of linguistic communication, the types of cultural coding and their historical development. Questions regarding public spaces and infrastructures are worked on by the special research field „Media of Cooperation“ with major support from this faculty. The special research field stands for a new interdisciplinary direction of media studies in Siegen that takes into account a digitalised society.

The area of eHumanities main interest is to look into how research in the faculty’s disciplines has changed due to the growing impact of new technologies.

Examples like these show the interconnection of theoretical foundations with social relevance which is characteristic for research within the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

Participation in the following DFG (German Research Foundation) Collaborative Research Centers:

  • SFB 1187 „Media of Cooperation“
  • SFB 1472 „Transformations of the Popular“
Hinweise zum Einsatz der Google Suche