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Univ.-Prof. Dr. em. Klaus Vondung



E-Mail vondung@germanistik.uni-siegen.de


Englische Übersetzung des Buchs Deutsche Wege zur Erlösung erschienen:

path_salvationPaths to Salvation: The National Socialist Religion
St. Augustine’s Press, South Bend, IN 2019, 154 pages, 25 $, ISBN 978-1-58731-656-2

In order to understand National Socialism one must recognize its religious nature. Many Germans were attracted to the party by its pledge to re-establish a true community of the people, a goal that was celebrated as “holy”. Not only did Hitler promise to solve political, social, and economic problems, he also responded to a widely felt need for salvation. The elevation of politics into the sphere of religion was expressed in the faith of committed National Socialists, in the party’s cult events which celebrated the “community of the people” as a “community of faith” and the Führer as “savior”, and in the persecution of the Jews that was ‘justified’ in religious terms by demonizing Jews as the “evil enemies of humanity”. This apocalyptic world view was the extreme manifestation of the religious nature of National Socialism and, in the final analysis, the only plausible explanation for the intention of exterminating the Jews.

Vortrag an der Zhejiang Universität, Hangzhou

Im Rahmen der internationalen Tagung „Conflicting Conflicts“ an der Zhejiang Universität, Hangzhou,  hielt Prof. Dr. Klaus Vondung am 13. Oktober 2018 einen Vortrag zum Thema „From Religious Conflict to Religious Violence“. Vondung ist sei 2007 ständiger Gastprofessor ehrenhalber der Zhejiang Universität.

Neues Buch: Apokalypse ohne Ende. Universitätsverlag Winter Heidelberg 2018


Vortrag an der Sorbonne

Im Rahmen des Atelier Franco-Allemand zum Thema „Confrontations au national-socialisme en Europe francophone et germanophone (1919-1949) am 8.-9. März 2018 („Les experts“) an der Sorbonne Université Paris hielt Prof. Dr. Klaus Vondung einen Vortrag zum Thema „Eric Voegelin und die Interpretation des Nationalsozialismus als politische Religion“.

Kunsthalle Bielefeld

Im Rahmen der Kunstausstellung „Der böse Expressionismus – Trauma und Tabu“ hielt Prof. Vondung am 14. Februar 2018 einen Vortrag zum Thema „Die Revolte des literarischen Expressionismus“.