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Dr. Hyeongjoo Kim - Alumnus Philosophie

kimFrom the Republic of Korea to Siegen and back

Dr. Hyeongjoo Kim appointed as Research Professor in Seoul.

Doctoral Students of the philosophical faculty don’t just arrive here from across the entire world. They also journey back out into it. One of these students is Dr. phil. Hyeongjoo Kim, who recently was appointed as a research professor at the Chung-Ang University in Seoul. In 2016 Dr. Kim successfully completed his doctorate on the Empiricism of „I think“ of Kant’s “Critique of Pure Reason” at the University of Siegen.  His supervisor was Prof. Dr. Dieter Schönecker. His academic journey then took him back home, to the Republic of Korea, where he was appointed as a research professor at the  Chung-Ang University, in Seoul.  There he has worked since November 2017 on a research project titled “Artificial Intelligence Humanities” (supported by the National Research foundation of Korea.)

The focus of this project is on the relationship between Artificial Intelligence and the humanities, including history, philosophy, literature, medicine and many more.  Particular attention will be paid to the challenges and possibilities of artificial intelligence in an interdisciplinary context and its impact on human life as a whole. More than 50 international scientists from various disciplines are working together to explore the potential and limitations of artificial intelligence on human life.

On the 16. August 2018 in Seoul the first conference on the topic of „Human Communication in the Era of Artificial Intelligence“ will take place. Professors and scientists of the philosophical seminars of faculty 1 will participate in this conference. Dr. Kim is also represented in the new Siegener “Research-Alumni “ network.   He will therefore continue to be associated both with the Philosophical Seminar and with the University of Siegen, together with other researchers from all across the world.

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