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Research Focus

Europe, Global Change, and International Relations

Social scientists at Siegen University focus on Europe as a social and cultural space and as an institutionalized multi-level system embedded within both global changes and a system of international relations. Our research focuses on European processes of transformation and integration as well as on conflicts and social cleavages.Our current projects also cover European civil societies, cross-national administrative cooperation, the implementation of transnational innovation policy, the political logic of transnational rights, and the expansion of private security agencies.

Media and Politics

For social scientists at Siegen,political communication is more than mere communicationwithin an electioncampaign:We place theanalytical focus on framing strategies in policy fields such as migration and security policies, on patterns of interpretation in international relations, and on the transformation process of the political public beyond the mass media. Otherkey areasof our research includethe importance of popular culture media and the consequences of digital media onchanges in political participation.

Migration and Mobility in a European and Global Perspective

Migration and mobility are long-term areas of research forsociologists and political scientists at Siegen University. Research projects focus on asylum and citizenship as well as on migrants’ and their families’ access to educational, occupational, and social security systems. Our research prioritizes Germany and Europe as well as immigration countries such as Australia, Canada, and the United States.

Political Education and Educational Sociology

Our main areas of Political Education and empirical educational research include the didactics of social sciences, political-theoretical foundations of policy mediation, the study of societies and democratization processes,and various other fields of educational and classroom research. Democracy theory as a basis of Political Education is a further topic for a number of research projects. Educational sociology, for instance, analyzes educational inequality, transition processes in education, and the consequences for various education and vocational education systems. Research results in these areas are of great relevance for the training of our future teachers. Furthermore, Siegen University is also member of the consortium of the National Educational Panel (NEPS).

Political Sociology

Political Sociology liesat the heartof the Department of Social Sciences at Siegen University, as exemplified byour numerous interdisciplinary areas of research. Our scientists analyze societal conditions as well asinstitutional and organizational modes of representation and participation. The focus of our research is on political parties, interest groups, social movements, and more recent forms of social protest as well as on the changing role of the state. Research projects analyze social media as an instrument for the mobilization of movements that are critical of companies and consumerism and investigate new forms of patient and consumer organizations.

Social Problems and Health and Social Policy

Health and Social Policy Studies at Siegen University combine sociological and political science perspectives as well as micro- and macro-sociological research. Social problems and socio-structural dimensions such as family, poverty, and migration are linked to the analysis of social and health policy institutions and social policy interest mediation. Our areas of research includesocial services, labor markets and labor relationships, family policies, local social policy, health- and social policy in international comparison, and prevention and healthcare for improving health and reducing health inequalities. The conceptual framework includes social inequalities, the representation of weak interests, and the internal logic of social policy institutions.

Social Structure Analysis

Social Structure Analysis at Siegen University concentrates on two main areas of research: 1) the study of social inequality (social class, poverty, gender, etc.) and 2) the study of major dimensions of socio-structural changes (labor market, population, migration, families, life conduct, etc.). The comparative analysis of societies and social structure forms a further main field of research.

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