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 Welcome to the Department of Social Sciences

The Department of Social Sciences at Siegen University is committed to high-quality undergraduate and graduate teaching in all of the social sciences. Our interdisciplinary areas of expertise include political science and sociology and maintain close links to other subjects, such as history, social work, educational studies, and media studies. We pride ourselves on providing students with the opportunity to gain first-hand experience with theories and methods and to apply academic concepts to contemporary real-world issues. More than 60 scientists (including 15 professors) teach and conduct research within our department. We offer studies in social sciences for undergraduate students via our BA in Social Sciences and for graduate students via our MA in Social Sciences. Additionally, we offer various undergraduate and graduate teaching-study programs. Expertise in the social sciences can also be gained via in the following study programs: BA in Social Work, MA Education and Social Work, MA in Media and Society, and the international MA in Roads to Democracies.

Social science research at Siegen University defines and investigates new frontiers in the field and covers the main social and political developments across Germany, Europe and the globe. The Department of Social Sciences is characterized by its interdisciplinary focus, its combination of fundamental and applied research, and the study of macro and micro constellations. Our research focuses on building knowledge in the following areas:

  •  Europe, Global Change and International Relations
  •  Media and Politics
  •  Migration and Mobility in a European and Global Perspective
  •  Political Education and Educational Sociology
  •  Political Sociology
  •  Social Problems, Health-, and Social Policy
  •  Social Structure Analysis