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  • 2017- present   Opinion pieces on media and politics in India: countercurrents.org and NewsClick
  • 2021   Datta, A., Can Blue Collar Migrants Survive City Lives Amidst Covid-19?: A Conversation with Nina Glick Schiller, Transcience: A Journal of Global Studies, Vol. 12, Issue 1, 2021
  • 2021 (accepted)  Basu, A. and Datta, A., What is Development? Locating the Indigenous communities in India, Asian Journal of Social Theory, Vol 1. Issue 2
  • 2021 (Under review) Datta, A., Indo-German Transnationalism: Between Place-making and ‘Homing’ (tentative), Palgrave Macmillan, London
  • 2020     Datta, A., Does Covid-19 Facilitate New Migration: Exploring a Fast-expanding Indian Diaspora in Germany, Boasblog/Witnessing Corona, doi: https://boasblogs.org/witnessingcorona/does-covid-19-facilitate-new-migration/
  • 2019     Datta, A., Undervalued Dissent: Informal Workers’ Politics in India (by Manjusha Nair) in International Sociology, Volume: 34 issue: 2, pp. 175-178
  • 2017     Datta, A., Mediascape and Identity Reproduction and Sustenance: A Case of Indian Guest-workers in Germany, Journal of Media Critique, Vol 3, Issue 12, pp. 213-225
  • 2016     Datta, A., Ethnoscape-Financescape Interface: Work Space Experiences for Indian Guest-Workers in Germany, Transcience: A Journal of Global Studies, Vol.6, Issue 1, March, pp. 51-68
  • 2016     Soyler, T., Basu, A., Datta, A., Hindistan'dan tanıdık bir hikâye, Birikim Dergisi, Vol. 10, pp. 106-114
  • 2014     Datta, A., The Left Debacle in Lok Sabha 2014: A Critical Overview, Mainstream Weekly, Vol. LII, No.25, pp. 51-57
  • 2014     Datta, A., ‘Adda’ as the Locale of Bengali Public Sphere: From Coffee House to Barista, West Bengal Sociological Review, Volume III, pp. 17-25


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