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The program comprises compulsory core modules as well as elective courses:

Semester one:

One Introductory Module (INT) that is based on blended-learning: INT 1.1. Theories of Democracy and INT 1.2 Methods of History and Social Sciences

One Thematic Module: TM 1 Actors and Institutions in Historical and Contemporary Perspective

One Additional Practical Module: APM 1 Additional Special Studies

Semester two:

One Method Module (MET): Empirical Research on Democracy

One Thematic Module: TM 2 Political Cultures and the Public Sphere: Past and Present

One Internship (8 weeks)- compulsory

Semester three:

Two Thematic Modules: TM 3: Global and Transnational Processes: Past and Present

TM 4: Democracies in Comparative Perspective

Students can choose to spend the third semester at the partner university abroad and attend TM 5 Roads to Democracies - Thematic Module Abroad

Semester one to three:

One Additional Practical Module: APM 2 Transferable Skills

Semester two to three:

Master's Thesis Module MM 1 Thesis Forum

Semester four:

MM 2 Master Examination (Master's thesis and the Master's thesis presentation)

Modes of teaching are seminars, blended-learning courses, workshops, projects, conferences, and lectures.Students are expected to obtain an average of 30 credit points per semester and must acquire 120 credit points over the entire program.