Der Studiengang beinhaltet die folgenden Bestandteile:

  • Ein Introductory Module (INT):
    INT Introductory Module
  • Ein Method-Module (MET):
    Empirical Research on Democracy
  • Fünf Thematic Modules (TM):
    TM 1 Actors and Institutions in historical and contemporary perspective,
    TM 2 Political Cultures and the Public Sphere: Past and Present,
    TM 3 Global and Transnational Processes: Past and Present,
    TM 4 Democracies in Comparative Perspective,
    TM 5 Roads to Democracies – Thematic Module Abroad (Partner Institution) - optional
  • Zwei Master Thesis Modules (MM):
    MM 1 Thesis Forum and MM 2 Master
    Examination (Master‘s thesis and the Master‘s thesis presentation)
  • Zwei Additional and Practical Modules (APM):
    APM 1 (Additional Special Studies ), APM 2 (Transferable Skills)
    Ein Praktikum (Internship) - obligatorisch