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unisono course enrollment procedure in the Faculty I: Faculty of Arts and Humanities

At the Faculty I:  Faculty of Arts and Humanities, in all courses enrollments are mandatory, i.e. you must register for seminars, lectures, compact courses, practical courses, etc. via unisono within the unisono enrollment periods. The enrollment periods are usually during the lecture-free periods.

The courses of a semester are usually published in unisono for students to see 10 weeks before the beginning of a lecture period - however, it is not yet possible to register for them at that time. Until the start of the enrollment period, you should first get an overview, e.g. via the course catalog of your degree program. Here you will find the module elements that are scheduled according to your study regulations and the courses that you can have credited for them.

IMPORTANT: When taking courses, pay attention to the module allocations in the structure of your examination regulations and check whether you fulfill the prerequisites required in your subject-specific regulations and module handbooks.

Via unisono you can pre-book individual courses and display them in a schedule in order to see whether the courses can be taken without time overlap. Please note, however, that pre-bookings are not enrollments!

There are two different enrollment procedures:

  • Simple enrollment: You can enroll in / cancel the course within the enrollment time. After enrollment, you have the status "AN" (registered). Outside the enrollment period, the system will inform you that no enrollment is possible.

  • Group enrollment: This enrollment procedure is used for courses with parallel groups. Students can specify a group enrollment priority for up to five parallel groups. After enrollment, they have the status "AN 1" (enrolled with highest priority) to "AN 5" (enrolled with lowest priority).


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