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The yearly evaluation

The most important decentralized QM instrument is the yearly evaluation. The aim of the conversations which are taking place at least once a year in the study courses is an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses. It takes place at program level and serves to develop and improve the study programs. The participants – in the first instance the person in charge for the study course, the teacher and the students of the study course as well as the Q-coordinator in the faculty, but the staff as well – are discussing specifically problems and prospects for professional development of the study course and are preparing methods of resolution mutually. The person in charge for the study course is initiating the implementation of follow-up measures and is bearing the responsibility for the realization in terms of a PDCA cycle.

You will find in the following the manual for the implementation of the yearly evaluations.

Central points:

  • will take place in the study course at least once a year
  • analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the study course (among other things of appropriate operating figures)
  • organization and implementation falls to the person in charge of the study course
  • Participants: teachers, students of the study course, and staff
  • The person responsible for the implementation is the person in charge for the study course (if required with support of the dean of studies and/ or the Q-Coordinator)


  • A list of participants will be prepared
  • The yearly evaluation will be recorded (nomination of names only in the case of stipulation of the responsibilities)
  • The measures will be recorded in detail
  • A person in charge will be nominated for each need for action
  • For the formulation of a solution a period of time will be stipulated
  • The result will be subject to the follow-up for the next yearly evaluation  > report of the person in charge for the study course about the realization
  • The record will be archived on the Sharepoint

What is archived on the Sharepoint?

  • Operating figures and data regarding the study courses (additional data can be requested in department. 2.1
  • Record of the yearly evaluations
Link to Sharepoint (with registration only: access rights are supervised by the Q-Coordinator)

Dates of the yearly evaluation:

The students come to know the dates via e-mail, via the Q Coordinator of the faculty and possibly via the memo book on the home page of the university of Siegen.

Your contact person in the quality centre Siegen:

Doris Paul/Gina Wommelsdorf, Phone.: 0271/740-4401 o. 2296

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