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Autonomous departments


BIPOC Society

Founded in August 2020, BIPOC Society is an autonomous department committed to increasing racial representation and equality for Black and Indigenous people and People of Colour (BIPOC) at Siegen University.

E-Mail: sabrina.anderson@student.uni-siegen.de and yvonne.opiyo@student.uni-siegen.de

Cultural Department

The University of Siegen’s Cultural Department is unique within Germany in that it is separate from the AStA: in the “University’s living room” everyone can get creative and organize events. The Kulturcafé (Culture Café) is a venue for concerts, cabaret, drama and reading sessions.

E-Mail: kultkaff@gmail.com
Facebook: https://de-de.facebook.com/kultcaff/info/

panoptikum - the cinema

The Panoptikum is the student film club at the University of Siegen. Recent and independent films, classics, short films and musical films all form part of the programme of this cinema with a difference. For the student-friendly price of €2.50, you might just discover a gem of a film.

Internet presence: http://www.panoptikum.uni-siegen.de
E-Mail: panoptikum-kino@uni-siegen.de

Department for Critical Science and Political Education

The Department for Critical Science and Political Education organizes the series of events “Links im Dialog” (Links in the Dialogue). Separately from the research and teaching activities, critical positions are presented and discussed here.


queer@uni has developed steadily over the past decades. In 1992, the "Gay Department" was founded. Over time, it has evolved into the "Lesbian and Gay Department" (2002) and finally into "Gay@Uni". Since 2014 it has expanded to queer@uni. queer@uni aims to represent the interests and concerns of lesbian, gay, queer, bisexual and transgender students. For this purpose, the department regularly organizes lectures, discussions, film evenings, parties and much more. Further information can be found on the homepage of queer@uni.

Internet presence: http://www.queer-uni-siegen.de
E-Mail: queer@uni-siegen.de

Wo.Men - the autonomous women’s department

Women and men have long been equal? No way! There is still a lot to do! We want to encourage you to help shape women's politics yourself. We oppose any stereotyping and discrimination of men and women. Our goal is that no member of this society is judged differently because of gender or sexual orientation. We want to act as a point of contact for all those who have had to experience discrimination and want to speak out against it. Anyone and everyone with an interest in feminism is welcome to join us. Write us or just drop by our meeting on Thursdays from 4 to 6 pm in room AR-H 105/2.

E-Mail: wo.men@uni-siegen.de


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