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Student initiatives


Working Group New Learning Cultures

The concept of culture characterizes our current studies: pedagogical performance culture, error culture, reading culture but also learning culture. According to Weinert, learning culture refers to "the totality of the forms of teaching and teaching styles that are typical for a certain period of time, as well as the underlying anthropological, psychological, social and pedagogical orientations." In the events and meetings of the WG New Learning Cultures new or alternative learning cultures are developed smf tested, as well as presented and discussed. The goal is to create changed learning cultures through the transformation of existing practice, which in this sense are to be understood as new learning cultures. The focus is on the opening of teaching, the democratization of schools or the digitization of our areas of life.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/NeueLernkulturen
Email: ag-neue-lernkulturen@listserv.uni-siegen.de

Appropriate ArtAppreciation

ArtAppreciation is an initiative of students who regularly organizes creativity promotion events in the Siegen area. In addition to a program of music, literature, dance and improvisational theater, these events always offer an open stage in which everyone can participate spontaneously. The ArtAppreciation events are in principle free of charge and are intended to provide the artistic and creative potential in Siegen with a space and a stage. In addition to the stage program, ArtAppreciation also organizes creative workshops for all those who enjoy artistic work. Anyone who has something creative to present or wants to get involved organisationally can take part. In the areas of public relations, organization, technology and the guidance of workshops they are always looking for new and dedicated helpers. Just talk to us at the events or at the plenary assemblies, if you are interested in appreciating the art value with us. The dates can be found on the internet, where you can also contact us.

Internet Presence: http://www.kunstwertschaetzen.de/ and on Facebook
Email: Kunstwertschaetzen@gmail.com


CampusTV is the student television at the University of Siegen which goes live on air in various formats at regular intervals. This includes “Login”, the CampusTV magazine, the “Katerfrühstück” (Hangover Breakfast) and other specials. All the programmes are produced at the ZIMT – anyone can join in.

Internet presence: www.ctv.uni-siegen.de
Email: campustv@uni-siegen.de


The eLab operates its own small electronic lab for students, offering the possibility to improve technical craftsmanship by gathering experience. There are two tables, each with soldering-, measuring- and PC-workstations, where you can work and experiment. The rooms in H-H 02 are only open at the designated times, and not unless the homepage status indicates that they are. For more information about the eLab visit our homepage.

Internet presence: www.elab-siegen.de
E-Mail: info@elab-siegen.de
Room: H-H 002
Telephone: 0271/ 740-4367
Opening Hours: see homepage

Film Workshop

Hello dear Movie creators, -addicts, -scientists, -indulgers, -actors out, -critics, -commentators. The student initiative "Filmwerkstatt Uni Siegen" offers you a lobby where you can follow your passion, while in the presence of a group of like-minded people. The Film Workshop says about itself: "We want to be a forum for all those who wish to share ideas about movies. We want to support all those who wish to shoot and produce movies. We want to be a platform where you can establish new contacts. We want to be your contact point for anything related to the topic of films at the University of Siegen and beyond. Here, technical problems, esthetic questions, or difficulties in production can be mutually discussed and, hopefully, solved. So, never fear! - Just ask, if there are any questions."

Internet presence: https://www.facebook.com/FiWe.Uni.Siegen
E-Mail: filmwerkstatt@uni-siegen.de

Golden Monaco

The “Golden Monaco” is the University of Siegen’s film award. It has been organized by students for students on a voluntary basis since 2002. Students of the entire University of Siegen can submit their short films in order to compete in one of the six categories. The gala evening requires extensive organization which always begins the year before the event. Students from any faculty can get involved on the various planning teams (programme planning, financing, editing/PR, film, graphics/design, layout, etc.).

Internet presence: www.medialab.uni-siegen.de
Email: info@goldener-monaco.de

International Students in Siegen e.V.

INS² – International Students in Siegen e.V. is a student initiative that, firstly, supports exchange students at the University of Siegen, making it easier for them to integrate and, secondly, helps Siegen students who are planning to study abroad. In cooperation with the International Office, there is a mentoring program that provides each exchange student with a Siegen student for support. In addition, there are campus tours, trips, information events related to studying abroad and parties.

Internet presence: www.ins-siegen.de
Email: ins@uni-siegen.de

Day Nursery

In the playgroup, studying parents have joined together in order to support each other with free day care, and to organize the task of studying while being a parent. Venue and meeting place is the self-designed room AR-C 300. Day care times are set at the beginning of each semester, whereby short-term arrangements are also possible. Even babies younger than 12 months are very welcome in the toddler group. Additionally, students with a pedagogy background are also available to help with the day care.


Familienservicebüro - Anne Ploch
Room: AR-SSC 107
Telefone: 0271/ 740-2702
E-Mail: familienservice@uni-siegen.de
E-Mail: krabbelstube.unisiegen@web.de


"We are students of the University of Siegen, who banded together in order to publicize our writings. We continue in the tradition of the University Newspapers: we inform, discuss, and want to inspire you to critique. On the other hand, we create room for journalistic efforts (reports, news coverage, commentaries, interviews, reviews etc.), as well as literary works (prose, lyrics, drama). Anything that interests you and could also be of interest to others. Writing is a fundamental part of studying, but for many it is also a part of their leisure time and creative development. Why should those works rot in the drawer? We put your writings online to be admired and discussed." Are you interested in participating with us? Then just come by. Visit an editorial meeting or the regular informal gathering! You can find our current events on our homepage.


Internet presence: http://www.literalisten.de
E-mail: literalisten@phil.uni-siegen.de
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Literalisten

mediazine - THE campus magazine

mediazine is the student campus magazine of the University of Siegen, now in post-Covid Glow Up!

The magazine is published as a printed edition with topics relating to people & society, culture & zeitgeist and media & technology. Articles on a wide range of topics are also regularly published online. Reports on lifestyle, reviews, shower thoughts and local news, such as events and organizations - EVERYTHING has its place in mediazine!

We have no hierarchies - for example between editors, department heads and the editorial team! Transparency and creativity are the be-all and end-all for us. We offer practical but decidedly unprofessional processes. Even if writing is not your greatest strength, you can get involved with us in other ways: For example, we always need people for layout, editing, photography, marketing or social media (often all at the same time and in a big mishmash). You can let off steam and contribute to the coolest magazine on the Siegen campus. So if you're interested in writing, researching, photographing or designing, then you've come to the right place! Just write to us on Insta or by e-mail.

Internet presence: mediazineonline.wordpress.com
Email: mediazine@gmx.net
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_mediazine_

Radius 92.1

Radius 92.1 is the University of Siegen’s campus radio. Around 60 members of the editorial team, including highly motivated presenters, reporters, online editors, interns, freelancers, event managers and skilled technicians see to it every week that more than twelve exciting magazine programmes about culture, media, music and the Siegen campus go on air, that the website is always reporting on the latest topics and that campus life is enriched by radio concerts and eventful happenings. Anyone who gets involved here will not only learn the journalist’s trade but also get valuable insights into audio and event technology and cross-media forms of presentation. Internships at Radius 92.1 are recognized by numerous examination offices.

Internet presence: www.radius921.de/cms/
Email: info@radius921.de

Speeding Scientists e. V.

The Speeding Scientists Siegen (s3racing) are the racing team of the University of Siegen. A student project that has been building its own formula racing car every year since 2008 and once won the Newcomer Award at the Hockenheimring. Students from a wide range of study programs from all faculties come together to jointly plan, develop, manufacture, market and drive the car and compete against teams from all over the world in international design competition at events. So far, more than ten roadworthy formula racing cars have been built. Anyone with a fundamental interest in the engineering creation process and a desire to make a big difference can take part.

Internet presence: www.s3racing.de
Email: info@s3racing.de
Instagram: www.instagram.com/s3racing_team

Study & Consult e. V.

Study & Consult e.V. is the student corporate consultancy of the University of Siegen. Around 100 students from various disciplines are now involved in the consulting projects, developing innovative and customized business solutions. The members of the association work on problems that actually exist and are given training.

Internet presence: www.study.de/
Email: info@study.de
Instgram: @studyandconsultev

Verband Deutscher Wirtschaftsingenieure - Hochschulgruppe Siegen e.V.

The Verband Deutscher Wirtschaftsingenieure - Hochschulgruppe Siegen e.V. (German Association of Industrial Engineers ¬– Siegen University Group) is an important point of contact for students studying Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, International Project Planning, Economic Sciences and Business Computing. It promotes contact among the students and between students, on the one hand, and commerce and industry on the other. For example, there is a programme to supplement the semester with facility visits, trips, presentations and the careers fair “Wirtschafts- und Ingenieurtag (W&I-Tag)” (Economy and Engineering Day) – of course, these events are not without their fun side, either.

Internet presence: www.vwi-siegen.de/
Email: info@vwi-siegen.de

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