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Your start at a glance

Workstation equipment

Please address all general questions about your work rooms and room administration as well as questions regarding occupational safety to Department 5 - Building and property management”.


The furniture is provided individually by your institution/department/chair, taking into account the relevant guidelines and framework agreements, and is coordinated with occupational safety.

Your contacts and sources of information for the procurement of furniture:

Information for staff with severe disabilities and chronically ill staff

The University of Siegen considers it an important task to reduce disadvantages for persons with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses. You can get advice and support from the Officer for Persons with Severe Disabilities at the University of Siegen.

In order to realize an accessible design of structures, procedures and offerings, the Service Office Inclusive University of Siegen has been established at the University of Siegen under the responsibility of the Prorector for Education and Diversity.

Your contacts for all matters regarding disabilities and inclusions:

Technical equipment

The procurement of the technical equipment for your workplace is carried out independently by your institution/department/chair in accordance with the current framework agreements and other procurement guidelines. Your local IT contacts or the ZIMT IT service team will advise you on the choice of equipment.

Your contacts and sources of information for IT equipment are:

UniPrint is your contact for all aspects of print and copy products and the associated procurement of material.

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Incapacity to work/illness (of a child)

Are you incapable to work? What do you have to report to the employer? How do I have to proceed as an employee?

You can find information on incapacity to work/illness in the corresponding service portal

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Working hours

Do you want to apply for leave or an exemption from normal duties? Do you have questions about flextime and its posting in the Primion system? The corresponding service portal and the colleagues in the staff department will be happy to help you.

Contacts and sources of information

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Information sessions for new staff members

You can find the dates of the quarterly information sessions for new staff members here. Academic employees are also cordially invited to the experience exchange for teaching staff (“Erfahrungsaustausch der Mitarbeiter in der Lehre”, EMIL).

Scientific Employees are also cordially invited to EMIL – Experience exchange for teaching staff.

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Services A-Z

Under “Services A-Z”, you can search for contacts by keywords.

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Travel on official business

Travel on official business means traveling outside of the place of employment (Siegen) to carry out official business following written approval.

For local official errands, you do not leave the place of employment. Your supervisor can also give verbal instructions to carry out local official errands.

Contacts and sources of information

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E-bikes for business trips

You can now use the e-bikes from Velocity Siegerland for business trips. The university will pay the rental fees of a maximum of 50 euros per month.

Business trips are possible during regular working hours from Monday to Friday between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. The first 30 minutes of a business trip are charged at 1.99 euros; from the 31st minute onwards, the costs are 9 cents per borrowed minute. Please note that the chargeable rental ends only when the bike is returned to a Velocity Siegerland rental station.

To borrow an e-bike for a tour of duty, please register using the exclusive link and install the Velocity Mobility App on your mobile device. The registration is then done with your official email address. When registering, you must also provide your private bank details, as costs over 50 euros/month will be billed privately. Details on cost billing can be found at the link above.

A network of lending stations is currently being set up in the Siegen city area and in the neighboring communities. At the university, there are lending stations on the Adolf-Reichwein-Straße (AR) campus, the Hölderlinstraße (H) campus, the Paul-Bonatz-Straße (PB) campus and the Emmy-Noether-Campus (ENC). A borrowing station at the Unteres Schloss (US) campus is planned.

Velocity is a station-based sharing system, meaning that borrowed bikes must be returned to a borrowing station at the end of the official trip or business. Any available Velocity Siegerland rental station can be used for this purpose. The network of rental stations and further information can be found at: https://velocity-siegerland.de

The offer is initially limited to one year for test purposes and will be continued after successful testing.

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E-mail address and ZIMT account (IT services)

User account

The Center for Information and Media Technology (Zentrum für Informations- und Medientechnologie, ZIMT) at the University of Siegen makes available a so-called “ZIMT account” via the online user administration. This account can be used to apply for a university e-mail address (with user ID and password). This ZIMT account forms the basis for further IT services provided by the ZIMT at the university, e.g. university Wi-Fi (eduroam), VPN, etc. (see below)

The application for online user administration can only be accessed from the university intranet.


You can access your university e-mails in encrypted form via the Webmail service based on the Outlook Web App (OWA). Webmail can be accessed from any page of the university website. Retrieval of your official e-mails can also be integrated in commonly used programs such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird and others.

On the help pages of the ZIMT e-mail service, you can find configurations for various e-mail programs as well as information on topics such as spam and virus protection and encryption methods.

After setting up the ZIMT account, you can apply for further ZIMT services via the user account administration as described above: Access to the web editing system XIMS (which is used to create the university’s websites), editorial access to the learning management system MOODLE, backup services, use of the plagiarism detection software Docoloc (for theses), Sharepoint, personal storage, cloud storage.

You can find further information on the services of the ZIMT here.

Your contacts for support in applying for your account and setting up e-mail programs:

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The University of Siegen pursues the goal of strengthening the study/work-family balance. The award of the “Family-Friendly University” certificate in July 2006 and the re-audits in 2009, 2012 and 2015 were major steps along the way. In 2019, the three successful re-audits were followed by the dialog procedure, which was rewarded with a certificate of permanent character.

The most important services for families

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Continuing education and training

Staff development is a top priority at the University of Siegen. Take advantage of the opportunities for continuing education and training and take your individual development into your own hands. Here you can find some general answers and a wealth of information on our entire range of internal and external services. We can also advise you on all other matters relating to staff, team and organizational development.

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Gastronomy (canteen, cafeteria) of the student services

Catering is provided by the Siegen student services with (soon) several canteens, cafeterias, and other gastronomic facilities.

Contacts and sources of information

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In-house mail

Within the University of Siegen documents can be sent by in-house mail. For this purpose, documents can be put into file folders or regular envelopes. External dispatch is also possible via the mail room.
Letter boxes overseen by Department 5 are located in the individual buildings of the University of Siegen. If you have any questions regarding the organization of mail in the respective building, please contact the responsible concierges or the central mail room. The central mail room is located in building AR-NA on level 0, room 003.

Your contact at the central mail room:

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University sports

The University of Siegen offers its staff members the opportunity to participate in general university sports. In addition to use of the AKUFIT (gym), various courses are offered and a swimming pool is available. For further details on the registration procedure and costs please refer to the pages of general university sports.

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Internet access via Wi-Fi (eduroam) and cable

Access to eduroam Wi-Fi is part of your general ZIMT account. The account access information can be used to log into the Wi-Fi and also works at other participating universities. You can find further information and the required configuration tool here on the pages of the ZIMT.

No special login is required for wired network access. In case the corresponding sockets in your office are not enabled, however, please contact the ZIMT network division at sienet@uni-siegen.de.

Your contacts

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Job Ticket - the ticket for commuters

  • Job Tickets are valid for 12 months each
  • Any number of return trips on the selected route
  • Costs are debited in monthly installments
  • On Saturdays, one additional person and up to three of your own children or grandchildren aged 6 to 14 years can be brought along free of charge

Your contact for the Job Ticket>

Ms. Cornelia Pfeifer
E-mail: cornelia.pfeifer@zv.uni-siegen.de
Phone: +49 (0) 271 / 740-4867  

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Site plans and opening hours

Here you can find: Site plans, directions and opening hours.

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Secondary employment

The legal framework conditions must be observed before taking up secondary employment.

The employer/place of employment must be notified in writing of any secondary employment in advance. You can find the required form as well as further information in the staff service portal of the University of Siegen.

All secondary employment may only be carried out outside working hours.

For secondary employment of civil servants, a distinction is made between secondary employment requiring authorization, secondary employment requiring notification and generally authorized secondary employment.

Staff members covered by a collective agreement must submit a written notification before taking up secondary employment.

The following applies in general: If you are a civil servant or a staff member covered by a collective agreement and want to take up secondary employment, you must specify the type, content and scope of said employment. Secondary employment may be prohibited or subject to conditions if it is likely to interfere with the fulfillment of official or contractual duties or legitimate interests of the University of Siegen.

Your contacts for secondary employment matters:

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Newly appointed university professors

A separate guide/FAQ is available for professors newly appointed to the University, which you can download here.

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Emergency call / first aid

Emergency call (fire/accident/injury)
Central building management (Zentrale Leittechnik, ZLT) of the University

  • From any in-house phone: 2111
  • From a mobile phone: 0271/740-2111

Outside of ZLT working hours, this number will be forwarded to the security service.

Please note the list of first-aiders and the locations of the emergency terminals (see occupational safety service portal).

You can find further information on this topic in the corresponding service portal:

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Parking / public transport


Free parking is available at the Haardter Berg.
You can find a parking lot overview here. Please note the usage regulations for visitor parking and authorized parking at the University of Siegen. You need a chip key to open the barriers (see section Keys).

Public transport

Siegen is located on the railway lines Essen-Hagen-Siegen(-Weidenau) and Cologne-Siegen-Gießen. Buses (lines C111, C106, UX1, UX2, UX3, UX4 and UX5) run from Siegen Central and Siegen-Weidenau stations to the University.

You can find the timetables and further information on the bus lines on the pages of the public transport operator Verkehrsbetriebes Westfalen Süd „VWS“.

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Chip keys are increasingly used as electronic keys for doors and barriers at the University of Siegen.

The chip keys are also required for the recording of flextime, but this only applies to technical and administrative staff. Academic assistants are asked to contact their supervisor if necessary, as they are not required to record flextime.

Depending on the building section, conventional keys are also still used.

Please fill in the corresponding document to apply for your chip and/or key or to enable doors and barriers.

Your contacts for keys and chip keys:

Staff service portals

You can find helpful information on relevant topics in the service portals of the university administration.

Sources of information

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Occupational health and safety

Occupational safety

Occupational safety advice for the university management, supervisors and staff members is provided by the “Occupational Health and Safety” section of Division 1 in cooperation with the occupational safety specialists of the AMZ (Arbeitsmedizinisches Zentrum Siegerland e.V.).

The tasks and services offered within the scope of occupational safety include:

  • Advice for all responsible persons in the field of occupational safety regarding options for implementing the legal provisions in occupational and fire safety
  • Support in carrying out occupational safety measures
  • Advice regarding ergonomic workplace design
  • Analysis of occupational accidents
  • Organization of and/or carrying out training courses on occupational safety, fire safety and first aid

In cooperation with the AMZ, the University of Siegen has compiled a safety primer in which you can find further information on occupational and fire safety at the University of Siegen.

You can find all information on occupational and fire safety as well as on various training courses in the occupational safety service portal. In addition to the information listed above, you can also obtain all the forms required for these matters there, e.g. the form to be used in the event of an accident while on official duty.

In addition, all university staff members are entitled to occupational health check-ups at the AMZ tailored to individual activities. Occupational health check-ups are regulated in particular by the Ordinance on Preventive Occupational Healthcare (Verordnung zur arbeitsmedizinischen Vorsorge, ArbMedVV). Their purpose is to detect possible health impairments that may result from professional activity at an early stage and then being able to treat them easily if necessary.

This check-up should be repeated approximately every 3 years; participation is voluntary for most activities. The employer will only receive the information that a check-up was performed. Medical data or information on health conditions is subject to medical privacy; they are therefore only communicated to the examined persons.

To register, please fill in the corresponding form and send it to the indicated address.

Occupational health

As part of the “Healthy University” initiative, the organizational health management, located in Department 1.1 of Division 1, offers comprehensive opportunities for university staff members to improve their health in a self-determined manner. The section for occupational health and safety will support you at all times in maintaining and protecting your health as a state of physical, mental and social well-being, so that you can stay fit and active in your job and everyday life.

Whether taking an active break, doing yoga or back exercises – there are numerous options for you to get active. You can also take part in various workshops, training courses and health campaigns.

You can find all information and services regarding health management in the occupational health service portal. Here you can also find out which campaigns that you can participate in are currently offered at the different campuses.

The organizational health management also offers confidential and free psychosocial counseling. As a university staff member, you can take advantage of counseling in professional and/or private matters which you perceive as a problem. The counseling topics are diverse and can be covered by an external therapist at the University (Arthur-Woll-Haus) or by a mental health counselor at the Occupational Health Center Siegen (AMZ). You can find detailed information and further links in the occupational health service portal .

The University also offers support regarding problems with addiction through contacts who have been specially trained on the issue of “addiction risks in the workplace”. They are bound to confidentiality, do not receive any instructions regarding their duties and are trustworthy and discreet.

You can find further information as well as the individual contact persons in our counseling guide as well as in the provided flyers of the psychosocial counseling and addiction counseling.

Your contacts for occupational health and safety:

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In our forms cabinet you can find an application for a new or changed phone connection. Please submit the form to Department 5.2.

You can find information on the phone system, functions, additional services and support in the telecommunications information and service section.

Official calls leaving the system of the University of Siegen must be preceded by the dialing code 0. Private calls are permitted; they must be identified by the dialing code 8 and should be limited to an acceptable scope. They will be invoiced.

You can use the person search function in unisono to retrieve the phone numbers and e-mail addresses of all staff members of the University of Siegen.

Your contacts for telephone connection:

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Recreational leave

For technical and administrative staff, the annual leave entitlement is normally 30 days at a working time of 5 days per calendar week. Staff members with a degree of severe disability of at least 50% receive an additional 5 days per year.

Please apply for your leave as early as possible and in any case in writing. You can find the appropriate information in the section Recreational Leave of the staff service portal.

Time off work / special leave:

Limited time off work or special leave can be granted for important personal reasons, such as the birth of a child; the death of a spouse, child or parent; serious illness of a family member living in the same household; moving for official reasons; work anniversaries; attendance of conferences, courses and events serving professional interests; and voluntary work in public life.

Academic assistants are asked to contact their chair or the respective institution for further information on the regulations concerning leave, special leave and time off work.

Contacts and sources of information

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VBL - retirement provisioning in the public sector

Any person taking up employment at the University of Siegen and fulfilling the relevant requirements will be registered and insured in VBLklassik from the first day. This compulsory insurance regulated by a collective agreement is your basic insurance for a lifelong occupational pension. VBLklassik ensures that you receive an occupational pension in addition to the statutory pension. This is a lifelong financial reserve with which you can fill part of your individual pension gap. You are also insured against reduced earning capacity. This means more financial security for you and your family. You additionally have the option to top up your basic insurance with the additional voluntary insurance VBLextra. This is a good solution to be prepared for a further reduction in statutory pension benefits.

If you have any questions regarding the insurance procedure, please contact your staff administrator or VBL directly.

You can find your contacts and further information on VBL by following the link:

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