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Registration and photo upload

How and when do I receive the USiCard?

All you have to do is transfer the regular semester fee and upload a picture showing your face to your unisono account. Please note that the card will be permanently blocked in the event of exmatriculation and that a new card will have to be requested by you if you re-register or re-enrol. A new photo upload is required.

How do I upload the photo?

From the beginning of January 2021 it will be possible to upload a picture of your face in your unison account for the USiCard. Here you will find a tutorial on how to upload the photo:

What are the requirements for the photo?

Please note that it must be a picture of your own face in which you are clearly recognizable - otherwise the card is invalid. The photo should be well exposed and sharp. The image must be no larger than 1 MB. The following formats are allowed: .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .pjepeg, .x-png