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Work Packages

WP 1 – Project Management & Conferences

WP 1 focuses on administering the project. Needless to say, this involves preparation of the partner meetings and the international conference taking place from October 15 to October 18, 2014. All timelines and the discussion of the project’s contents are part of this work package. In the package, the interim and final reports are written to summarise the project’s progress and results. A central task in the WP is making the project known to the public.

WP 2 – Technology & Design

The core elements of WP 2 are the website, its maintenance and of course the development of the setup for the digital teaching modules created by the partners.

WP 3 – Baseline Studies

The analysis of the current situation in history education with regard to the topics of colonialism and decolonisation in the partner countries is an important starting point for the project. The partners are to analyse their national school history textbooks to find out how the topics are presented and which perspectives are used. An important prerequisite for this analysis is finding out about and comparing the state of the art in historiography in the partner countries with respect to colonialism and decolonisation.
These baseline studies are equally important for choosing the teaching module topics and disseminating the results.

WP 4 – Teaching Modules: Design & Translation

The core aim of the WP is to develop teaching modules based on experts’ introductions and selected sources. Each partner is responsible for one set of materials consisting of an introduction, sources and suggestions for teaching. After having been tested, the results will be available in print and digital versions in German, English and French.

WP 5 – Test Run & Evaluation

The teaching modules, designed for widespread usability in European history classrooms, are tested with respect to practicality. Each partner tries out their own modules and modules created by other partners in 2-3 school classes. The modules are also evaluated by the target groups.

WP 6 – Quality Management: Control & Evaluation

The quality management system is implemented by Hafelekar Consultancy. The management team is responsible for supervising all project activities. In addition, the work on the project is regularly evaluated, analysed and thus made transparent.

WP 7 – Dissemination, Valorisation & Sustainability

The project results will be disseminated, especially among the relevant target groups: teachers, teacher trainers, students, experts in the didactics of history, school students as well as teacher trainees. The project will be advertised during its whole lifetime in a variety of media: email advertisement, articles in scientific journals, web links, etc. Furthermore, material which specifically advertises the conference and encourages broad participation is distributed.

WP 8 – Exploitation

The project is publicized in such a way that people outside the project can easily gain access to the central ideas. The partners also make use of their own extended networks to advertise the project.

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