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Informationen zu Symptomen, Hygienemaßnahmen etc.

Kreis Siegen-Wittgenstein

Auswärtiges Amt

Bundesministerium für Gesundheit

Robert Koch-Institut

Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung

Kreisgesundheitsamt, Rettungsdienst und Krankenhäuser in Siegen-Wittgenstein haben sich auf ein mögliches Auftreten des Coronavirus vorbereitet. Zentrale Anlaufstelle für Patientinnen und Patienten mit einem Verdacht auf Infizierung mit dem neuen Grippevirus ist das Kreisklinikum in Siegen-Weidenau.

Infrastructure and opening hours

Building opening hours and access

Rooms and buildings are put into minimal operation. Seminar rooms will be closed and the use of the remaining buildings and rooms will be limited to what is necessary. Furthermore, building access will be restricted. Only the main entrances to the buildings will be open.

From 23.03.2020 all buildings will only be open from Monday to Friday from 07:30 to 16:30.

The seminar building in Weidenauer Straße (WS) and the building sections US-S and EGV-H are closed to the public.

Rooms and buildings are put into minimal operation. From 3-27-2020, all buildings will be closed, and members of the university will be able to access them via the usual channels (chip, key).

Update 4-2-2020 10 am

Is the university library closed?

» Old Version

From March 21th 2020, the University Library (UB) will discontinue all on-site services until probably April 19th 2020. The main library and all sub-libraries are closed.

All other locations are completely closed, including group rooms, PC pools, reading places and workstations in these locations.

All training courses and guided tours are cancelled.

Siegen University Library will discontinue its lending services on Friday, March 20, 2020. Until 4 p.m. there will be the opportunity to pick up ordered books at Library Hölderlinstraße (H Building, Level C 5). The shutdown will last presumably until April 19, 2020.

Orders placed via Katalog plus by Thursday, 3.30 pm, can most likely be picked up at Library Hölderlinstraße on Friday, March 20, 2020, at noontime. Please check you library account for the availability information.

The loan period for all media borrowed during the closure are automatically extended until May 3, 2020. No new late fees accrue during this time. Already existing fees will not increase.

From Friday the library will continue to be available for you with online services such as eJournals, eBooks and databases and of course.

Further information can be found here.

Contact person:


From March 21th 2020, the University Library (UB) will discontinue all on-site services until probably April 19th 2020. The main library and all sub-libraries are closed.

This means in detail:

  • Loaning and returning media is not possible.
  • The due date of all media (incl. inter-library loan media) is automatically extended until May, 4th.
  • For the duration of the closure no new fees will accrue. The increase of already existing fees during this time will be waived.
  • Please do not send media by postal service to the library.
  • Your reservations for borrowed media will persist.

Our electronic offers like eJournals, eBooks and databases will still be available:

  • A great number of publishers and other providers offer free access to the journals archives or eBooks for enabling the access to articles and chapters for all, as long as, for example, inter-library is not possible. You can find an overview, which is updated regularly via the following URL
  • Furthermore you can still apply for an electronic reserve book collection (Semesterapparat). You can find additional information on our website:
  • Also the guidance for open-access-publishing is still possible. Our open-access-team (oa@ub.uni-siegen.de) is looking forward to your questions.

Last but not least:

Media in print cannot be ordered at the moment, but text- and reference books, which are published as eBooks can be suggested for purchase. The URL is

Don’t hesitate to contact the library staff with all questions:

Lending services, benutzung@ub.uni-siegen.de

Central information, zinfo@ub.uni-siegen.de

More Information can be found here.

Update 3-23-2020 3 pm

Are the gastronomic facilities (canteen, cafeteria) closed?

All gastronomic facilities of the Studierendenwerk (cafeterias, canteen) will be closed from 19.03.2020. 

How are the offers of the Studierendenwerk (Kita, Flexi, Bafög, etc.) affected?

The day-care centre and the flexible childcare of the Studierendenwerk Siegen will be closed from 18.03.2020.

Personal counselling appointments in the departments "Student Finance" (BAföG, Daka-Studiendarlehen and KfW-Studienkredit) and "Dorm administration" (Wohnheime) will no longer take place after 18.03.2020. The open consultation hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays will therefore be abolished at present without substitution.

The Studierendenwerk can still be reached in all matters by mail, e-mail and/or telephone. If you wish to send file attachments via email, please remember that the Studierendenwerk is only allowed to open and process PDF files for IT security reasons.

Is public transport restricted?

Deutsche Bahn has started to restrict rail traffic and train connections due to the spread of the coronavirus. Deutsche Bahn has announced extensive goodwill arrangements for the reimbursement and conversion of tickets.

From Wednesday, 18 March, Verkehrsbetriebe Westfalen-Süd GmbH will operate according to the holiday timetable (NRW) - marked with an "F" in the timetable book - until further notice.

In addition, the University of Siegen has announced that the lecture period in the summer semester 2020 will deviate and star ton April 20, 2020. The UX lines UX1 to UX6 will therefore not run this year from 30.03. as previously planned, but from 20.04.2020.

Further information: https://www.zws-online.de/aktuelles-termine/verkehrsmeldungen/details/news/detail/News/1686-busse-im-kreis-olpe-und-siegen-wittgenstein-ab-mittwoch-den-18032020-wird-nach-dem-ferienf/

Please also note the question regarding the validity of the semester ticket in the section Studies & Teaching
Update 04-01-2020 12 pm

Are the ZIMT service counters open?

Due to the current situation, all service counters (user service, IT service team, lending, media library) are closed to the public with immediate effect.

Therefore, please address your enquiries to the ZIMT only by telephone or e-mail.

Central contact

E-Mail: support@zimt.uni-siegen.de

phone: +49 (0)271 740-4777

Will the architecture labs remain closed?

The architecture laboratories are closed, this applies to the model making laboratory, the CAD pool and the materials science laboratory.

How can I contact the AStA?

The AStA Office and the AStA Shop are closed from now until 19.04.2020.

The AStA can still be reached by e-mail at asta@uni-siegen.de for students and all other contacts.

The Social Services Office can be reached by e-mail at sozref@asta.uni-siegen.de. In urgent cases, appointments can also be made by arrangement with the Social Welfare Officers.