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Call for Participation in MCS Summer School 2017

Coordinated by DREAMS project
Held at Universitat Politècnica de València, Valencia, Spain
25th to 28th September, 2017

Summer School Overview

An increasingly important trend in the design of real-time and embedded systems is the integration of functions or components with different levels of criticality onto a common hardware platform. Criticality is a designation of the level of assurance against failure needed for a systems component. A mixed-criticality system (MCS) is one that has two or more distinct levels (for example safety critical, mission critical and non-critical).

The MCS summer school will provide a deep insight in MCS applications, their development and certification design-flows. The MCS summer school is targeted at research scientists, students, and R&D experts from industry, who want to learn about advances in MCS engineering. A program of briefings, tutorials and hands-on sessions will be delivered by industry experts and leading researchers in MCS from the DREAMS project, Thales Railway and TU Braunschweig.

Core Lectures

Day 1

  • MCS Application: Railway by Michael Paulitsch from Thales
  • Introduction to Mixed-Criticality Systems (MCS) by Prof. Roman Obermeisser from USiegen
  • Operating Systems & Virtualization Technology by Prof. Alfons Crespo from UPV

Day 2

  • MCS Application: Avionics by Claire Pagetti from ONERA and Daniel Gracia Pérez from Thales
  • Resource Management by Prof. Gerhard Fohler from TUKL
  • Model-Driven Engineering by Simon Barner from FORTISS
  • Tool Development & DREAMS Tool-Chain by Jörn Migge from RTaW

Day 3

  • MCS Application: Automotive by Rolf Ernst from TUBS
  • Security & Dependability by Thomas Koller from USiegen
  • Time-Triggered Scheduling by Prof. Gerhard Fohler from TUKL
  • Hardware Platforms and DREAMS Extensions by Hamidreza Ahmadian from USiegen

Day 4

  • Functional Safety and Compliant Item due to IEC 61508 and DREAMS by Joerg Kraemer from TÜV
  • Certification of MCS and DREAMS by Jon Perez from IKERLAN
  • Timing Analysis of MCS and DREAMS by Jörn Migge from RTaW

Hands-on Sessions

  • Hierarchical Scheduling lead by UPV
  • Hypervisors and XtratuM lead by FENTISS
  • Model-Driven Engineering of MCS lead by FORTISS & RTaW
  • Implementation & Execution of an Avionics Application lead by Thales and ONERA
  • MCS Certification & Functional Safety lead by IKERLAN and TÜV



In order to register, please go to the registration page.


Contact Details

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