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8th International Foster Care Research Conference | Siegen 17-18th of September 2015


16th of September 2015

20.00h Welcome Dinner
Venue: N.N.

17th of September 2015

8.30h Welcome Coffee & Registration



Welcome and Opening

Presentation: Socialpedagogical research on Foster Care in Siegen
Speaker: Foster Care Research Group, University of Siegen



Coffee break

Presentation: Foster care and social analysis - a view from Childhood Studies
Speaker: Leena Alanen, University of Jyväskylä

11.30h Presentation: Foster Care, Diversity, Difference and Belonging
Speaker: Ann Phoenix, Thomas Coram Research Unit, University College London
12.30h Lunch break
13.30h Parallel Working Groups: Session 1-4
English Track: Session 1-3
Session 1
Chair: Dirk Schäfer, University of Siegen | Development of Foster Care
Roger Bullock / Dartington Research Unit Planning foster care services
Judith Pierlings / University of Siegen
Kinship Care in Germany
Christina S. Plafky / REES Centre, University of Oxford
Developing Research-Mindedness across a foster care organization
Session 2
Chair: Hans Grietens, University of Groningen | Voice of the Child
Nuria Fuentes-Peláez / University of Barcelona
M. Angeles Balsells / University of Lleida
Crescencia Pastor / University of Barcelona
Listen to the voice of the children in the decision making:
a challenge of the Child Protection System in Spain
Daniela Reimer / University of Siegen
Constructions and balances of normality of young people from foster care
Claire Cameron / University College London
Towards a theory of upbringing for children in foster care in Europe
Session 3
Chair: Cinzia Canali, Fondazione Zancan | Birth Family and Contact
Carmen Hofer-Temmel / Karl-Franzens-University Graz
Christina Rothdeutsch-Granzer / Karl-Franzens-University Graz
Bridges between Families. Contact and its meaning for foster children, foster parents and birth families
Séverine Euillet / University Paris-Nanterre
Hélène Join-Lambert / University Paris-Nanterre
Maintaining child-parent relationship in long term foster placements: a matter of representations
Paulo Delgado / InED, Escola Superior de Educação do Porto
João M. S. Carvalho / CICS.NOVA, Instituto Universitário da Maia
Vânia S. Pinto / InED, REES Centre, University of Oxford
What diversity means for contact in foster care?
German Track: Session 4
Session 4
Chair: Klaus Wolf, University of Siegen
Maria Mögel / Marie Meierhofer Institut für das kleine Kind, Zürich Zugehörigkeitserleben in den Narrativem fremdplatzierter Vorschulkinder
Karin Werner /Züricher Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften
Die subjektive Perspektive von Jugendlichen auf ihre Pflegekindsituation
Thomas Swiderek / Bergische Universität Wuppertal Wie erleben Pflegekinder ihren Alltag in der Pflegefamilie?
15.30h Coffee, Tea and Cake
16.00h Parallel Working Groups: Session 5-8
English Track: Session 5-7
Session 5
Chair: Carme Montserrat, University of Girona | Diversity
Speaker Title
Cinzia Canali / Fondazione Zancan
Tiziano Vecciato/ Fondazione Zancan
The development of foster care during the crisis: challenges for foster families and social workers
Kirti Zeijlmans/ University of Groningen
An overview of matching decision making literature

María Teresa Díaz Tártalo / University San Pablo
Anna Garriga-Alsina / University Pompeu Fabra-Barcelona

The motivations for fostering in a sample of non parental foster families from Madrid
Session 6
Chair: Carolin Ehlke & Anke Kuhls, University of Hildesheim | Education
Nikki Luke / REES Centre, University of Oxford The educational progress of looked after children in England: linking care and educational data
Anat Zeira / The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Yifat Mor-Salow / The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Transition to higher Education Care Leavers in Israel
Patricia McNamara / La Trobe University
Andrew Harvey / La Trobe University
Lisa Anrewartha / La Trobe University
Care leaver transition to university in Australia: Applying local and international evidence to improve participation and retention
Session 7
Chair: Roger Bullock, Dartington Research Unit | Return and Break Down
Dirk Schäfer / University of Siegen Factor birth parents. Special perspective on foster care
Claire Cameron /University College London
Clara Bombach /Zurich University of Applied Science
Renate Stohler / Zürich University of Applied Science
Andy Jespersen / University of Siegen
Processes leading to breakdown of foster care placements
João M. S. Carvalho / CICS.NOVA, Instituto Universitário da Maia
Paulo Delgado / InED, Escola Superior de Educação do Porto
Vânia S. Pinto / InED, REES Centre, University of Oxford
How students evaluate and decide in child abuse situations, and the need to study criteria for removal and conditions for reunification
German Track: Session 8
Session 8
Chair: Klaus Wolf, University of Siegen
Annemaria Köhler, M.A. / FernUniversität Hagen
Pflegeelternschulungen: Nützlich oder hinderlich?
Corinna Petri / Universität Siegen Perspektivklärung und Übergangsgestaltung in der Bereitschaftspflege
Yvonne Gassmann / PflegekinderAktion Schweiz
Verletzbarkeit durch Elternschaft
18.00h Closing
20.00h Conference Dinner at "Restaurant Brasserie"

18th of September 2015

9.00h Parallel Working Groups: Session 9-12
Session 9
Chair: N.N. | Biografical Trajectories
Speaker Title
Gillian Schofield / University of East Anglia
Identity Constructions and sense of family in the transition to adulthood – life narrative of young people from foster care, adoption and residential care
Anne Steenbakkers / University of Groningen To Talk or not to Talk: Foster youth’s experience of talking about their past, present and future
Lena Hedin / Örebro University Support, obstacles, and challenges on the way to adulthood: A Swedish follow-up of former foster youth
Session 10
Chair: Erik Knorth, University of Groningen | Voice of the Child
Carme Montserrat / University of Girona The subjective well-being of children in foster care, kinship care and residential care
Vânia S. Pinto / InED, REES Centre, University of Oxford The voice of young people in care: Perspectives on successful foster placements
Aoife O'Higgins / REES Center, University of Oxford
What do carers do to promote education of children in care? A study of attitudes, aspirations and behavior of children and young people and their relationship to educational outcomes
Session 11
Chair: Ramunė Bagdonaitė-Stelmokienė, Kolping University of Applied Science, Kaunas
| Structural changes
Mikhail Firsov / Moskow State Regional University
Irina Namestnikova / Moskow State Regional University
Elena Studenova / Moskow State Regional University
Villages for Children as an Alternative Form of Foster Care in Russian Families
Tatjana Meleshko / SOS Children’s Villages Russia
Foster Families in SOS Children’s Villages in Russia

Dalija Snieskiene / University of Kaunas
Jadvyga Mikalauskaité / University of Kaunas

Expert approach on deinstitutionalization opportunities of out of home child care system
Session 12
Chair: N.N. | Social Work Practice in Foster Care
Riet Portengen / TOPIC, NL
 A courageous conversation in Foster Care: evolution or revolution?
Samantha Mc Dermid / Loughborough University Developing a Social Pedagogy for UK foster care: emerging finding from a UK study
Stuart Harragan / Mulberry Bush School, Oxfordshire
Working with Families and Networks of severely traumatized children in a therapeutic residential school
11.00h Coffee break
11.30h Final Presentation: Current developments, challenges and tasks in Foster Care Research
Speaker: June Thoburn / University of East Anglia