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Immer Dienstags, 10:00-12:00 Uhr in H-C 6306 bzw. H-C 6308. Alternativ Terminvereinbarung per E-Mail an info-hyt@uni-siegen.de.

Dr. Daniel Müller
Leiter des House of Young Talents
H-C 6331/2
+49 271 740-5079

Titia Hensel M.A.
H-C 6306
+49 271 740-2733

Linda Hilkenbach
H-C 6308
+49 271 740-5505

Dr. Marcus Niechciol
H-C 6308
+49 271 740-2502


Further Points of Contact

At the University of Siegen, junior academics can take advantage of a variety of information and counselling opportunities. We will gladly help you establish contact with the right persons. Here we have listed a few contact points for you: