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Staff and Department

The Department for International Student Affairs (ISA) is part of the International Office of the University of Siegen. We guide and support international degree students, coordinate incoming and outgoing international student mobilities and maintain partnerships with institutions of higher education worldwide.


University of Siegen
International Student Affairs
Adolf-Reichwein-Str. 2
57076 Siegen, GERMANY

Our Tasks

  • Support of international degree-seeking students
  • Coordination of a supporting network for international students at the University of Siegen
  • Support and guidance for exchange students (incoming, Outgoing)
  • Establishing and maintaining partnerships with higher education institutions for international mobility
  • Coordination of ERASMUS+ Key Action I
  • Information on stays abroad (semester abroad, language assistance, internships etc.)
  • Staff mobility within the framework of ERASMUS+ Key Action I (KA 103 and KA 107)
  • Management of third-party funding and scholarship program of the DAAD

Our Team

Currently walk-in office hours at the Department of International Student Affairs are cancelled until further notice. Please contact us by email. Let us know if you wish to set up a short appointment or a phone / video call.

Head of Department

Katharina Sommer
(Eva Grottschreiber)

Head of Department
Erasmus+ Staff Mobility (STA, STT)
Consultation and Advice on Third-Party Funded DAAD Projects
0271/740-3907AR-SSC 118Office Hours
upon appointment

International Degree-Seeking Students

Eva Grottschreiber

Coordination Degree-Seekings
Project Coordination SieguVer, STIBET
Special Programs China
0271/740-3916AR-SSC 119
Office Hours
upon appointment
KnieChristine Knie

Scholarship Programme NRWege, STIBET III
0271/740-3819AR-SSC 126Office Hours
upon appointment
Platt Bild Team SeiteAlicia Platt

Coordination Integra
0271/740-2236AR-SSC 113Office Hours
upon appointment
Laura Yilmaz

Support of International Degree-Seeking Students
Project Krönchenstart
0271/740-4358AR-SSC 113Office Hours
upon appointment

Exchange Students

Student Consultation

Studying abroad
Traineeships abroad
Language learning & Summer Schools abroad
Finances & Funding
Information on countries
0271/740-3904AR-SSC 028

Video Office Hours
Mon & Wed 12pm - 2pm
Tue & Thu 10am - 12pm

Nathalie Bourin-Budig

Coordination Erasmus+ Incomings
Support of Erasmus+ Students (Incoming KA103 & KA107)
0271/740-3905AR-SSC 120
Office Hours
upon appointment
Susanne Engelmann

Coordination Overseas Exchanges
Support and Administration of Exchange and Short-Term Students (In & Out)
Project Coordination PROMOS
Erasmus+ Coordinator Mobility Partner Countries - KA107
0271/740-2004AR-SSC 122Office Hours
upon appointment
Madita Steffens

Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator (Key Action 1)
Erasmus+ Coordinator Mobility Programme Countries - KA103
Study abroad & Traineeship abroad (Outgoing)

AR-SSC 123Office Hours
upon appointment

China Branch Office

Xu Rong
China Branch Office

Support of Incoming Students from China
Support of Outgoing Students and Staff
+861065907360 Office Hours
upon appointment