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Katharina Sommer
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Erasmus+ ST: Application



Who can apply for funding?

Any employee who has worked part-time or full-time at Siegen University for at least half a year. The employment should remain for at least another 4 months after the planned mobility.
It is assumed that the application has been agreed in advance within the own department. Together, possible universities and institutions that are eligible for a stay should be selected. Departmental and strategic considerations should be included. It is desirable that the exchange does not only have value for the own person but as well as for the sending and receiving institution. First contacts to the desired partner university, as well as willingness to receive a return visit are preconditioned. For teaching mobilities, the existence of an Erasmus+ Inter-Institutional Agreement with the receiving university and a minimum teaching load of 8 hours per week is obligatory!
University staff who have successfully participated in staff mobility in the past will be considered subordinated in the selection process.


How do I find the stay for me?

Take a look at the Stay opportunities of the Erasmus+ agreements for teaching or staff mobility. If you are interested, please contact the Departmental Coordinator mentioned in the portal to find out more about the chosen institution and possible contact persons at the partner university for teaching and research possibilities or hospitations and job shadowings. Another option is to attend a Staff Week, which are specifically designed for staff of different departments. The participation in workshops and seminars is also possible. Further inspiration is provided by the Travel Reports Staff Mobility and Travel Reports Teaching Mobility.


Current application round

Application deadline: 20th April 2020 for stays until 30.09.2020 (extension pending).

The selection committee will decide on the applications within the first two weeks after the deadline (consisting out of HR and ISA representatives).
Decisions will be sent within two weeks after the meeting of the selection committee.



Applications are submitted to ISA via our application portal moveon . In addition to the printed and signed application form, the following documents must be submitted in hard copies by the application deadline:

  • Letter of motivation, max. 1 page with information on:
    Description of the own task area
    Expectations of the stay and possible effects on the own work area
    Planned period of mobility (month)
  • Short curriculum vitae (only mention of workstations at the university, mention of language skills)
  • Written consent of the supervisor
For Teaching mobilities:
  • Summary of the teaching project abroad, max. 1 page with information on:
    Description of the teaching and learning objectives
    Expected impact on the competences of students and on the own professional development
    Planned period of mobility (month)
  • Short curriculum vitae
  • Written consent of the supervisor (if applicable)
Selection criteria
  • Personal motivation
  • Possible outcome for the University of Siegen or your own work area
  • Choice of partner university (departmental/strategic)
  • Initial mobility prior to previous mobility(s)
  • Intercultural competence and language skills (English and/or working language of the host institution, at least B1)

Make use of the offer of the Language Center of the University of Siegen to improve your language skills!