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Exchange and short-term students are enrolled as full-time non-degree students and may register for classes offered by any school or department, given that academic and langague requirements for the respective classes are met.

All classes offered in the current semester and the previous semesters are listed in our campus management system unisono. For further information on course offerings and types of courses see Courses, Grades and Credits.

The language of instruction is usually German. However, some study programs offer regular courses in English:


 Study Programs

Study Level

School of Arts and Humanities (I)Literature, Culture, MediaUndergraduate/Bachelor, Graduate/Master
 Social ScienceUndergraduate/Bachelor, Graduate/Master
 Language and Communication
Undergraduate/Bachelor, Graduate/Master
Graduate/Master (international)
Education, Architecture and the Arts (II)Music (one-to-one lessons, choir, orchestra, big band)Bachelor, Master 
School of Economic Disciplines (III)Business Administration
Undergraduate/Bachelor, Graduate/Master
Undergraduate/Bachelor, Graduate/Master
 Business Information Systems
Undergraduate/Bachelor, Graduate/Master
 German and European Economic Law
Undergraduate/Bachelor, Graduate/Master
School of Science and Technology (IV)Chemistry
Graduate/Master (international)
Graduate/Master (international)
Graduate/Master (international)

Course Registration

As soon as you are fully enrolled and you have unlocked your student account (ZIMT account), you can compile a semester schedule (pre-book) and register for classes (apply). Please note the course application periods and deadlines!

Application Periods for Classes

  • Winter Semester 2019/20:  16. - 29.09.2019 (Registration 2)
  • Sommer Semester 2020:    16. - 29.03.2020 (Registration 2)

Students who plan to apply for an exchange at our School for Arts and Humanities find further information on course offer on the website of the department PHIL:International Affairs


Learning Agreement

Courses offered in the upcoming semester are published 10 weeks prior to semester start on unisono. Make sure to check the course offerings for your semester of exchange before your departure. Document all courses you wish to take as well as the planned recognition at your home university in a learning agreement. 

All exchange and short-term students are required to hand in a learning agreement, completed and signed by all parties (student, home university, host university) within four weeks after lecture start. The learning agreement should cover at least 15 ECTS (3 - 5 courses).

Exam Registration

To register for courses, exchange and short-term students of the School of Arts and Humanities (I) and the School of Economic Disciplines (III) need to submit the registration form for Faculty I or Faculty III at the respective examination office.

Students of the School of Education, Architecture and the Arts (II) or School of Science and Technology (IV) need to contact the examination office of their department for further information. 

Exchange and short-term students cannot register for exams on unisono! Check the exam registration deadlines for your school and/or department!