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Erasmus Students

Welcome to the University of Siegen!

The International Student Affairs (ISA) department is the central contact point for all of our foreign students. It supports and accompanies you throughout your stay and offers a comprehensive range of services, helping you to quickly integrate yourself fully into everyday life in Siegen.

The ISA team assists in the handling of all administrative matters and is available to help those interested in studying in Siegen before they arrive. ISA also organizes a wide range of leisure programs. These different activities helps students to become a part of the Siegen student life.


Nathalie Bourin-Budig
E-Mail: nathalie.bourin-budig@zv.uni-siegen.de
Phone: +49 271 740 3905

Nomination and application

Erasmus students are selected by our partner universities and nominated by e-mail.

Please note the deadlines for our application - and nomination phase:
Winter semester: 15 May
Summer semester: 15 October

After receiving their nomination, the students will receive an invitation to apply online in moveon. Please note that all application documents must be uploaded as a pdf.

Application documents (pdf)

  • Application Form
  • Copy of passport
  • Passport photo
  • Copy of european health insurance card (if EU citizen)

Course offer

Please note that the number of courses taught in English is limited. Before you apply, browse our campus management system unisono (general information about unisono) for courses offered for your field of study in the previous or current winter and/or summer semester.

Study Programs regularly offering courses in English:

Faculty Study Program
Study Level
Faculty I: School of Arts and Humanities
History Master PDF
  Literary, Cultural and Media Studies Bachelor, Master
  Social Sciences Bachelor, Master PDF
  Language and Communication Bachelor, Master
Faculty III: School of Economic Disciplines
Business Administration Bachelor, Master
  Economics Bachelor, Master
  Business Information Systems Bachelor, Master
  German and European Economic Law Bachelor, Master
Faculty IV: School of Science and Technology Chemistry Master
  Mechatronics Master
  Physics Master

Note: The School of Economic Disciplines is going to share a list of courses taught in English on their Webpage approx. 10 weeks before the semester starts. Fakultät III

The Office of International Affairs Faculty I provides support and course guidance for international students who wish to apply for the School of Humanities and Arts.

Academic Calendar

The semester is devided into lecture period and lecture-free period. You find general dates and deadlines here.

Note: The start of winter term 20/21 might change. Please pay Attention to further announcements by the University. 

Classes are held during the lecture period, exams usually take place at the end of the lecture period or during lecture-free period. Please note that the exam periods are scheduled by the respective faculty or department. For further Information visit the web page of the respective examination office.

Learning Agreement

Please contact your responsible coordinator in Siegen in order to prepare for your curriculum, or if you Need to Hand in your preliminary Learning Agreement with all other documents when applying at your home university. The contact Details for the coordinator can be obtained from your home University or from us.

In Germany, each year of study is divided into two semesters. Therefore the course lists are not published online until about the beginning of the following semester, they are made available via our campus management system, UNISONO.

The Learning Agreement should be signed by you, by the subject coordinators at your home university and at the host university. To receive our signature it should be sent by e-mail to our office.

Information on Departmental Coordinators Download


After receiving the complete documents, the applications will be examined in different ways depending on the faculty.

If you fulfill the requirements, your admission will be sent within 6 weeks.


To confirm your admission and apply for enrollment at Siegen University, you must register online. If is mandatory and can only be completed online via the UNISONO campus management system.

The pre-registration phase will be communicated separately by e-mail with further explanation.

Complete the online pre-enrollment, print the application for admission and sign it. Note: Be careful not to send the datas control sheet

Send the signed form by email to

Registration and Orientation Weeks

At the beginning of the semester, there will be a three-week orientation course which will take place parallel to the intensive German language courses offered by the language center. Both are free.

Personal enrollment takes place right at the beginning of the orientation weeks, during these weeks our team will assist you with the various steps and formalities, such as opening a bank account, paying the semester fee, obtaining the insurance certificate etc..

The invitation to the Orientation Weeks will be issued after receiving the admission letter.
It will be sent by E-Mail, which will also contain the three-week program.

German Courses

The language center of the university offers intensive German courses and additional workshops before the beginning of the semester.

The invitation to these courses will be sent by a separate e-mail. After the placement test, there will be a three week German intensive course. Please mind the information of the language center.

In addition, the language center offers further courses for different languages, working methods and intercultural communication as well as language learning tandem partners.