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Bewerbung und Zulassung
Application and Admission

phone.: +49 (0)271/740-3903

Zugelassene Studierende
Accepted Applicants

Eva Grottschreiber

phone.: +49 (0)271/740-3916

End of Studies

Vor Studienende

Studies in Siegen

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Transcript of Records 
As soon as the last achievement has been booked, your examination office (Pfürungsamt) will issue you with a transcript of records and a certificate of successful completion of your studies. The transcript of records contains all academic achievements that you have registered with your examination office during the semester and successfully completed at the end of the semester.

If you leave your place of residence before receiving your certificate, please remember to send the examination office a valid address and e-mail address.
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Request for De-Registration

At the end of your studies you have to de-enrol and thus de-register with the University of Siegen. Complete the request for de-registration (Antrag auf Exmatrikulation) available on Formularcenter, get the confirmations of relevant departments and submit the form at the Department STARTING in room AR-SSC 001.

You might need a confirmation of de-registration to terminate your health insurance and you will have to provide it, if you plan to study at another (German) university. 

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Once you complete your studies at the University of Siegen you are an alumni of the Unviersity of Siegen. This allows you to join the network Alumniverbund and stay in touch with other alumni and students of the University of Siegen. The Alumniverbund is delighted to have you join them and share your experience and academic and professional career. Further Information 

Stay in Siegen

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Enter working life

When you've completed your studies successfully, you have the qualification to enter the German job market. There are various possibilities to get help in the region or the whole country in order to find a job. You can find some tips on the homepage of the procet SieguVer.

Residence permit:
After successful graduation in Germany, you can get a residence permit for job search up to 18 months. You just have to prove that you are able to cover your living costs on your own. Please ask for further information at the Foreigners' Registration Office.

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Terminate your Rental Agreement

You need to terminate your lease before you move out. In Germany you must usually give your landlord a
three-month written notice to end tenancy. Check your lease agreement for terms of notice.

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Cancel Health Insurance Policy and other Contracts

Notify your health insurance provider in good time when your studies in Siegen will end and check with your provider which documents might be required to cancel your health insurance policy (e.g. Confirmation of De-Registration). If you plan to stay in Germany, please check which insurance suits best your needs.

If you leave Germany, remember to cancel all other contracts you entered into (gas, electricity, internet, mobile phone) and check the terms of notice.

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Close Bank Account

Before you close your bank account, review your bank statements to determine all relevant payments. Make sure you settled all invoices and contact your bank or Sparkasse branch if you need help or assistance.

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De-Registeration at the Residence Registration Office

Before  your  departure  you  need  to  de-register  one  week  prior  to  your  date  of  departure. Remember to bring you passport. Forms for the De-Registration (Abmeldung bei der Meldebehörde) are available online or on site.